Alcoholism – The Road to Physical and Social Impairment

Alcohol is a nervous depressant which when consumed in large amounts can wreck one’s social and personal life. Article puts light over the negative effects of alcohol on human body and mind.

Alcohol is a common guest in all of our get together and parties.On enjoying them, we often forget over the negative consequences it has in our lives.Over consumption of alcohol has taken away from many, physical as well as mental wellness.While physically one suffers from various illnesses, his or her personal life experiences a rough blow.

What makes these drinks create such havoc in someone’s life? According to clinical researches, alcohol is a severe depressant. It affects the nervous system and takes away your active healthy lifestyle. One of the major physiological effects of it is depression. You may have noticed how an alcoholic often loses control over his voluntary actions.The shivering of fingers,loss of balance while walking, slur in speech etc. are all its effects on the nervous system. Here, the alcoholic, due to excessive content of intoxicants in the body tends to lose control over his actions. This happens when nerves are unable to send messages to the body organs required to act.

Depression makes a person lose his social as well as personal life. Besides, intoxicants can cause damage of nerves due to which failure to attain erection eventually leads to impotency. Such kinds of disorders wreck inter personal relationships and cause hindrance in leading a good martial life. Experts recommend medical help in such condition. One of the most recommended suggestions is to consume aphrodisiac medicine such as Viagra.

Alcohol is a slow killer. Negative effects occurring externally are much more visible at an earlier stage than other internal changes happening in the person. Heart and Liver disorders like Cardiomyopathy, stroke, liver cirrhosis and alcoholic hepatitis are common among alcoholics.Symptoms of these extreme disorders become visible at stages when reversing their damage becomes impossible. Making it very difficult to diagnose and cure them.

Losing control of your own actions and deeds can make you socially impaired and physically weak. Keeping a good distance from such addiction is one of the best ways of being mentally happy and physically fit.

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