Group games for young children

Group games

Group games offer children various benefits beyond physical exercise such as problem-solving and social and moral development. In the process of playing with others, children learn to apply strategies to succeed in the game while following rules and show respect to their peers.Even the youngest of the children can benefit from organized group games.

Duck, duck, gooseGroup games

Arrange the children in a circle and choose a child to be the goose. The children seated are ducks. Ask the goose to travel around the outside of the circle and touch each child on the head slightly saying “duck.” When the child touches a duck on the head and says “goose,” the chosen duck must jump and chase the goose around the circle and mark it before it sits in the duck’s place in the circle. The duck becomes the new goose and the game continues. If the goose sits in the place of the duck without being marked, the duck becomes the new goose and the game continues. The game continues and the duck becomes the goose. More and more players suffer elimination until the last person standing is the goose. Leave this player to start the next round as the goose.

Vegetables / fruits TagGroup games

Vegetables / Fruit tag follows the rules of traditional tags with a person as he and the rest of the players who try to prevent him from labeling them. If one of the players discovers that he is about to score him, he should freeze and say the name of a fruit or vegetable. If the player can freeze and indicate a name before it tags it, it is safe and can continue to play once it escapes from scoring someone else. If the player is hit, he must attach to it for the marking of other players. The game ends when everyone is there and there are no more players.

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Sheep LostGroup games

Choose four to six children from the group to be the sheep. The sheep stand in front of the group and beat while the players turn around and face the other way or lower their heads and close their eyes. While the players are not looking, one of the sheep leaves the room or hides behind a reversed table. Players are invited to review and raise their hands for permission to say which one of the sheep is missing. If player guesses correctly, she gets to become a sheep while the uncovered sheep takes its place in the audience. The game ends when everyone has had a turn to be a sheep or when the children tire the game.

Hot PotatoGroup games

Hot potato involves players sitting in a circle, with a player holding the object designated as the hot potato. Balls or small bags of beans are acceptable objects. The person coaching the game plays a recorded song as the signal to start playing. To the sound of the music, the children pass the object quickly around the circle until the music stops. The one who holds the potato hot when the music stops are out. The game ends when there is only one player left. To speed up the game, children who abandon the hot potato must withdraw from the game.

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