Habits to take and leave to repair damaged hair

damaged hair

Avoiding Your Hair

Hair loss is normal. In humans, it is about 100 hairs a day. But it is important to know the causes of this damaged hair and why this can lead to hair loss.

damaged hair
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Here habits to avoid for the treatment of your hair.

Do not spin or dry excessively

Hair is the most fragile when wet. It is best to dry them by gently wiping them rather than rubbing them with a towel.

  • Untangle wet hair with a brush pulling on the root lodged in the scalp. Instead, use a wide-tooth comb to separate the strands.
  • Let your hair dry for a few moments before coming.

Do not use a hot dryer too often

Hair that is regularly subjected to heat becomes fine and prone to break.

  • The projection of hot air from the hair dryers can cause inflammation of the scalp, irritate the hair follicles in addition to uprooting the hair.
  • Dry your hair outdoors as much as possible.
  • Keep your hair dryer at low power and at least six inches from your scalp.

Do not go too often

The simple act of combing a hair, such as making a bun, a braid, a ponytail or putting a tight pin in the hair, can help to damage them and cause them to fall because this causes blockage of the blood circulation In the scalp.

  • Let your hair rest by letting them drop naturally without styling them one day a week.

Do not abuse coloring treatments

Excessive treatments based on chemical solutions are highly damaging to the hair, which can even cause an irreversible fall.

  • The accumulation of chemicals for coloring, curling, straightening, waving or smoothing hair reaches the tender follicles, damages the old shoots and delays the new ones.

To do for your hair

You can do certain things to improve the condition of your hair. Here is how you should treat your hair.

Use the right shampoo

Wash your hair regularly with hair products adapted to your hair type.

  • Hair cleansers containing dimethicone are best for reducing hair breakage.

Treat your hair with care

Maintain good hair washing practices.

  • Handle your hair gently and avoid movements that can cause scalp irritation and hair friction.
  • Gently massage the scalp to stimulate blood circulation.
  • Use non-abrasive combs and brushes made of natural and soft materials with sufficient space between the tips and the hairs.

Lead a Healthy Life

  • Strengthen your immune system with a healthy diet and active lifestyle that will improve the circulation of air and blood in your body while promoting strong, healthy hair growth.
  • Balance it all with enough rest and sleep to optimize the repair and regret of healthy hair.


Practice relaxation techniques to spare your head from possible damage and hair loss due to stress.

  • Hair is particularly sensitive to the body’s acidic environment induced by toxic stress. This weakens the delicate hair follicles, resulting in damaged and dull hair in addition to an excessive fall.

You now know what good habits to take and what bad habits you must ban in order to repair your dried and damaged hair that falls.

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