How to Properly Take Vitamins


Vitamins are micronutrients that our bodies need in small quantities to improve our immune system but that they cannot synthesize in sufficient amounts, and that is normally found in foods consumed. They can also be found in the form of food supplements, liquid or solid, but in this case, attention must be paid to their consumption so that they are effective.

Vitamins have been shown to reduce the risk of diseases if taken properly, however, the body cannot absorb some vitamins if they are not taken without eating or if the instructions are not followed. In this article from, we will explain how I properly take vitamins.


Consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking vitamins. Some vitamins can have serious side effects if taken under certain health conditions or with other medications. Do not take vitamins without consulting your doctor especially if you have a chronic illness or take other medications.

Follow carefully the instructions and warnings written on the packaging of the vitamins to avoid taking more than necessary. It is advisable to take the smallest effective dose to avoid overdose. If this happens, call a medical control center immediately. If you develop an adverse or allergic reaction to any type of vitamins, immediately stop their ingestion and consult a physician.

Feed properly while you are taking vitamins, as the majority of vitamins require food in the stomach to be effective. It is therefore advisable to take its vitamin at the time of meals or just after. Vitamins do not substitute healthy foods but supplement certain nutrients that are lacking in certain foods.



Also, some vitamins cannot combine with each other. For example, iron should not combine with calcium, which prevents its absorption. As a result, do not take it with dairy products that contain calcium, but if you can take iron with orange juice, which contains vitamin C and which it helps in the absorption of it. If you are taking iron and calcium supplements, you will need to take them at different meals.

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You must be constant when you are taking vitamins. It is advisable to establish a schedule or a time in the day for taking vitamins and avoid skipping a day. If you are normally very busy, set an alarm as a reminder to avoid forgetting to take your vitamins. If you are not constant, the vitamins will not be absorbed properly by the body and will not be effective.

Do not take your vitamins with drinks that are too hot or too cold to prevent the vitamins from dissolving properly when you ingest them. Follow your doctor’s prescriptions or package directions carefully and never take more than necessary because some vitamins can become toxic when taken in excess.



 The body requires vitamins to function properly at its maximum performance. The cops can only produce vitamin D by themselves, so it is important to promote the importance of other vitamins in sufficient quantities. For more efficiency take your vitamins with a large glass of water so that they go directly into the stomach and that they are quickly absorbed




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