How to Remove Sun Tan Quickly with Home Remedies

how to remove sun tan quickly with home remedies

All parts of our body act differently regarding using certain home remedies to remove the tan. For example, some remedy that works to remove these marks from the hands, may not work to remove the marks of the lips, irritating them. Therefore, we have classified a list of remedies for each part of the body that works best to remove these sun marks. Here are some home remedies on how to remove sun tan. 

How to remove sun tan from the face

Woman taking the selfie on the beach. The skin seems to darken due to the tan. One of the easiest ways to remove it is to use the cream that eliminates it. However, there are many other ways that one can remove these marks. Here are some home remedies you can do yourself:

how to remove sun tan quickly with home remedies

Honey and lemon juice anti-tan pack

Mix two tablespoons of honey and lemon juice and apply this gentle mixture on your face. Rinse it with cold water after 15 minutes. Lemon is a natural bleaching agent that lightens the color of the skin and honey gives a glow to your face. This is a very effective method to eliminate tanning. You can do this in the kitchen while you prepare a meal! Keep reading: How to Properly Take Vitamins.

Rose water and aloe vera

We usually have these two ingredients in our homes. Just get some fresh aloe vera gel and mix it with a few drops of rose water. Let the mixture sit in the freezer for 10 minutes and then apply it to your face. Aloe vera is a magical ingredient since it contains several nutrients that help to heal the skin and remove the tan.

Yogurt and potato juice

Cut potato into thin slices, you have to grind them with two tablespoons of yogurt. Apply this mixture on your neck, and after 15 minutes you will see the results. The potato contains an enzyme called catecholase, which helps clear and whiten the hyperpigmentation of the skin.

How to remove sun tan markings from the sun in hands and legs

how to remove sun tan quickly with home remedies

Tan on the hands and legs looks very ugly. Imagine wearing a sleeveless shirt, and half the arm is darker than the rest, unpleasant, right? Well, do not worry, here are some home remedies to remove the tan from hands and feet:

Egg white and clay earth fuller

Blend the Land of Fuller with an egg white; it’s a great way to get rid of skin discoloration and pigmentation. Apply this mixture on the skin and rinse after 20 minutes. Fuller’s Land has been used as a traditional remedy for skin problems since ancient times.

Grams of flour, milk and mustard oil

Another traditional way to eliminate tanning from the body is a mixture of the gram of flour, milk and mustard oil. This mixture works wonders on the skin. This helps the skin shine and get rid of sunburn.

Sugar, salt, and exfoliating olive oil

If you exfoliate regularly, it will help you to easily remove the tan. When you are short on time, and you want to remove the tan, mix these three ingredients in equal parts and apply the mixture on the arms and legs. Gently mash and wash after 15 minutes. Not only will it help you to remove the tan, but also to get rid of the dead skin cells and you will have new healthy skin. This can make it much easier while you bathe.

How to remove sun tan neck marks

how to remove sun tan quickly with home remedies

Your neck is a very delicate area and should be treated with care. Use these home remedies to remove the tan from the neck that has been obscured:

Rice, milk and honey powder

Mix two tablespoons of milk with two teaspoons of rice powder and a teaspoon of honey. Prepare a fine mixture and apply it to the neck. Massage gently in the neck for 20 minutes. This mixture acts as an exfoliate, relieves all dead skin cells and eliminates tanning of the skin.

Lemon and cucumber juice

Just mix two teaspoons of lemon juice and cucumber juice, apply this mixture on your neck and wash after 10 minutes. The lemon acts as a bleaching agent and combined with the anti-inflammatory properties and with the help of the cucumber, calms the skin burned by the sun and removes the tan easily.

Rose water and sandalwood powder

Sandalwood is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, and for the cooling effect. When mixed with rose water, it makes a wonderful mixture to remove the tan. Apply this gentle mixture on the neck for 10 minutes and rinse.

How to remove lips bronzing marks

how to remove sun tan quickly with home remedies

It may seem strange, but the lips can also be affected by the sun. In fact, they can be split and burned by the heat of the sun. But do not worry; You can still have beautiful and soft pink lips. Here are some home remedies to remove the tan from the lips:

Glycerin and lemon juice

Prepare a mixture of glycerin and lemon juice and store it in a bottle. Apply it always at night, and you will see the difference in your lips. Glycerin helps nourish the lips and heal them, while lemon is a natural bleaching agent that lightens the color of the skin.

Almonds oil

The application of almond oil to the lips is a great way to reduce the discoloration caused by the sun. It also helps moisturize the lips, so they are softer.

Exfoliate with a toothbrush

Right after brushing, your lips will be softer. Use your toothbrush gently to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. Once this is done, rinse with water and apply some cream or butter on the lips, to obtain soft lips pink lips.


Knowing how to remove sun tan is very important. It is said that prevention is always better than cure. So, the next time you go out in the sun, cover yourself properly. The sun’s rays contain ultraviolet rays that are very damaging to the skin and can lead to cancer, even if you can. So the next time you think about how to remove the marks left by sun tanning, you just have to use our home remedies and say goodbye to tanning.

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