How to use hair conditioner correctly in oily and dry hair?

how to use hair conditioner

The conditioner, although we do not believe it, is a basic product when it comes to washing the hair and keeping it well hydrated. Each type of hair requires the use of a specific conditioner, that is, one that contains the appropriate nutrients and components to cover each of your hair needs. When we give with the indicated lotion, we can benefit from all its effects, and that is that it offers hydration, softness, shine, ease in the hairstyle, in addition, to repair the split ends and prevent hair breakage. If you want to know how to use hair conditioner correctly, do not miss the following tips on how to use it.

How to use hair conditioner correctly?

how to use hair conditioner

As we pointed out, it is essential to choose a conditioner that adapts perfectly to the demands of your hair, because only in this way will you make your hair look much more beautiful and full of life. If you want to discover what would be the best formula for your hair, we recommend you consult the article How to choose the conditioner according to my hair type, there you will find all the details. Keep reading: Cycling: Health benefits of cycling 15 minutes a day

There is no problem in using the hair conditioner in each wash, but there are certain recommendations regarding the frequency of use depending on the type of hair. Take note!

  • Oily hair: do not abuse the use of the conditioner, it will be enough to apply a detangling conditioner on the part of the ends.
  • Dry hair: apply the conditioner in each wash, as it will provide the hydration and nutrition that this type of hair needs.
  • Normal hair: use the conditioner 4 or 5 times a week, focusing especially on the tips.

How to apply?

how to use hair conditioner

First, you should wash the hair with your usual shampoo and rinse the hair very well with warm water. Remove the excess water by passing a towel and leave the moistened hair. Now, apply the conditioner for all the strands, starting at the tips and ascending until you reach the scalp. Make a small hair massage so that all the nutrients of the products penetrate well and leave to act during the time indicated on the package. Finish by rinsing the hair with plenty of water and without rubbing it sharply.

A very effective advice if you have long hair, is to apply the conditioner and distribute it after passing a wide comb through the hair. Thus, you will ensure that all areas are covered and well hydrated.

In the same way that they happen with other lotions, it is also important to let the hair of the conditioner rest even one day a week. You only have to wash your hair using a shampoo and comb it very well to remove all those residues left by the hair products and that end up accumulating on the scalp. If you enjoyed reading tips on how to use hair conditioner, share your experience in the comment section. You might also like:

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