How to use your feet to lose weight naturally?

lose weight

It is sometimes complicated to know what to do to lose weight naturally, that is to say without external intervention, such as the follow-up of a particular diet, the advice of a nutritionist or the use Food supplements, etc.

Yet the advantage of this kind of solution is obvious: if it is useless to think of any external artifice to lose weight, it means that a little personal organization allows working with its weight loss town at any time of the day.

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And this is what I propose to you through this article. You do not think often enough of what you can do with your feet. Now, they can lead you on the path to weight loss.

lose weight

How to lose weight naturally with his feet?

You might be surprised to learn that you can lose weight naturally while doing a long daily walk. Lots of weight.

Many overweight people (especially those with arthritis or other problems) have been able to see for themselves the benefits of walking. Not only is it an exercise without any risk, but it is also accessible to everyone.

But be careful, for this kind of exercise can make you lose weight, do not do it no matter how. An effective walking session must be done at a more or less sustained pace. Do not think that by “walking” you can lose weight.

No, the idea would be to increase your heart rate to a level high enough for you to boast of sweating while walking!

To have good results, you have to walk at a steady pace for about an hour. The more your heart rate will be high during exercise, the more you will be able to tell yourself that you are losing weight.

lose weight

What Will Make You Lose Weight Naturally

A brisk walk brings the muscles of the legs, especially. The more they are solicited, the more they develop and the more they consume energy.

The weight you can lose depends on both the energy you put into your walk and the time that you spend on this walk. I also recall that it is important not to eat more than usual on the pretext that your market is digging your appetite.

Furthermore, if you are not prone to hypoglycemic fainting when you make an empty stomach effort, it may be (very) helpful to do your brisk walking sessions at a time when you are fasting.

Your body will then draw directly on the reserves of fat for energy. What would not be the case right after a good meal?

lose weight

Other benefits of walking

Not only is a regular, long enough walk a good habit to take to lose weight naturally and without complicated equipment, but it also has an excellent impact on overall health.

Regular walking can help prevent disorders such as heart disease, colon cancer, stroke and breast cancer.

In addition, walking helps keep your immune system in good working order.

lose weight


If you are looking for a simple and ultra-healthy way to lose weight, walking is perhaps one thing you should consider as a possible alternative.


  • No equipment required
  • This changes your ideas and can help you to de- stress
  • You will get lots of other benefits for your health
  • Your feet and your whole body will say “thank you”!

The inconvenient:

It is better to walk every day, whether it rain or sell. This is not to everyone’s taste. But it’s still very healthy.

if you do not have a habit of walking, go slowly. Do relatively short sessions at the beginning, then increase them gradually. It would be a pity to disgust you from the start.

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