I’ve Decided To Start Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment – What Can I Expect?

There are many variables to consider including the color and the size of the tattoo. This will govern the number of treatments that you will ultimately require. It could be the case that your tattoo may be fully removed after as few as two to four laser tattoo sessions, although bear in mind that many more may be required to achieve the desired results. You need to schedule a consultation, and some companies such as British Laser Clinics in Bristol even offer an online / WhatsApp consultation for your convenience. The technician will be able to assess your individual situation, and then advise you of the process.

The laser tattoo treatment will vary from patient to patient, depending on the type of the tattoo, including the age of it, the color, the size etc. Another factor that can affect the outcome is the color of the patient’s skin. Generally the lighter the skin tone, the more successful the treatment will be.

Generally speaking, when you visit a Bristol tattoo removal company, the following will happen –


You will be given a pair of protective glasses to shield your eyes from the lasers light. The skin is then tested to determine the most effective setting for the laser treatment. The actual treatment itself involves having a laser fired from a hand piece by the technician. Many people describe the sensation to be like having an elastic band repeatedly pinged onto the skin, or like having hot fat splattering onto the skin.

The smaller the tattoo, the fewer pulses of light will be required, meaning that for larger ones the number of pulses will be increased. The tattoo will start to gradually fade after each session, and it is important to leave at least a month in between sessions. In the vast majority of cases it will be necessary to have multiple sessions of laser tattoo removal, in order to fully remove the ink.

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