Never Put Anything Smaller Than An Elbow In Your Ear

The old adage, “Never Put Anything Smaller Than An Elbow In Your Ear” may seem a strange thing to say, but it’s true!  Attempting to clean out your Ears with a Cotton Bud or other small implement could cause serious and permanent hearing loss as well as perforate your EarDrum, which is excruciatingly painful!  If you are struggling with Hearing Loss and think it may be caused by the excessive build-up of EarWax, ALWAYS do your research first, go on-line and seek help from an experienced, Ear wax removal near me specialist Clinic such as

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These specialist, bespoke Ear Wax Removal Clinics all belong to the prestigious Imperial Hearing Group so you are guaranteed to be treated by a fully-qualified, highly-experienced, caring technician.  Only after a thorough Consultation will each individual Client be advised on the most appropriate method of Treatment.  If a patient has narrow Ear Canals or has struggled with previous ear related health conditions, then the safe and effective Micro Suction Procedure will be recommended. If the Ear Wax removal is more straightforward then either the Manual Extraction or the Irrigation Methods will be recommended.

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Using a Cotton Bud or other small implement to try and clean out Ear Wax from your own Ears could seriously aggravate your condition leading to a severe infection, or even permanent hearing loss! So “Never Put Anything Smaller Than An Elbow In Your Ear!”

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