Relaxes the muscles of your feet with self-massage with ball

Self massage

Sure most of you know the foam roller or foam roller, and different videos you have taught how we can use it to relax the muscles of our whole body after exercise. This type of self-massage becomes a very good tool when recover after training or active rest on our days off.

The self-massage with tennis ball applied on our feet has a similar function. We will help both relax the muscles of the foot massaging surface plantar fascia and muscles that are below as to improve the mobility of it and remove stiffness. This is like a self – massage is done in the foot with a tennis ball.

Self massage
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To make the massage more typically catch a tennis ball or a similar size because they are the ones that usually have at home, but also worth us smaller or harder material balls, which will allow us to work the muscles of the foot a slightly deeper level. In sports stores or online, we can find different types of balls as hardness, size and drawing.

A couple of important points to keep in mind when making self-massage with ball:

  • The weight of our body has to fall on the area that will work: little we used to massage on the forefoot if our body weight is on the heel. Properly calculate the weight to be placed on the ball, because it can be a little painful.
  • Use slow, fluid movements: this kind of work takes time, not worth doing hastily (so it can be a good idea to do on our day of rest). The slow movements also facilitate us to focus on the sensations that we are having and we are aware of the muscles by which we are passing.

This type of self-massage is recommended for all types of athletes (not only runners, but all we practice a sport we can benefit from it) and for sedentary people, as it can simply help to relax the muscles and eliminate the feeling of legs tired.

Self-massage at home never replace a visit to the physiotherapist, especially if there is pain in any area of the foot. It can serve as a complement, in fact it is a good idea to you to ask your physio so that he or she give you the necessary information to get a good massage.

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