Sizzurp: Find out why so many celebrities loved to hook on it?

It is the Purple Drank also called Sizzurp that has been promoting as one of the glamorized drinks by too many celebrities and also put its space for being romanticized in some rap lyrics. Hollywood type’s lifestyle is tremendously increased to get hooked on this amazing drink.

Sizzurp, as become the best popular name to recognize this drink. This time around the fun beverage has become the most anticipated choice for the entire hip hop community. It mostly made up by mixing prescription-strength cough syrup with some clear soft drink such as Sprite and one or two Jolly Rancher candy for giving it an extra sweetened flavor and also the color of purple.

The berry-flavored cough syrup that has codeine a narcotic and promethazine an antihistamine component are the key ingredients to make the drink known as “Purple Drank”.

Sizzurp users mostly use the prescription cough syrup with Sprite to prepare the desired drink. They also add sweet candy to add more sweetened taste on it.

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When you have in large quantity, the active ingredients codeine and promethazine interact with each another to make the drink a sleepy and dazed feeling. That’s the reason behind all its popularity. Presenting the drink as harmless party type liquor, the codeine in sizzurp can gain a highly addictive nature to the consumer. The drink was made to be high and absorbed all the stress.

By the year 1980s to 1990s, the classic formulas have changed to bring it more flavor and authentic looks. The southern rap community has started to use the codeine and promethazine as a key component along with some flavored clear soda such as Sprite and Jolly Ranchers candy. This upgrade version of lean drink has gained a huge popularity in the underground rap scene.

Recently it has been vastly promoting via social media, with lyrics and many other music videos to attract more and more consumer.  The appeal has spread to the mainstream teenagers and some college students who have heard about the drink in the hip-hop and rap music. Not only that Three 6 Mafia, who had won the Oscar for their song It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp has also released a song related to the glamorous drink on earth called Sippin’ on Some Sizzurp in the year 2000.

The band “Far East Movement” also promoted the purple drank in their 2010 mega-hit album Like a G6 in the lyrics “sippin sizzurp in my ride, like Three 6”. While Lil Wayne also didn’t shy to express his weakness for the drink and told an audience back in 2008 that this amazing sizzurp is become a part of life in the South.

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