The Importance Of Nutritional Supplements On Muscle Development And Health

Sports nutrition is a well-researched field where scientists around the world aim to find out how bring out the most of the abilities of athletes, from amateur to professional level. But this field and its findings are not limited to athletes but can also benefit people from all ages and genders who want to live long and healthy.

Besides that, sports supplementation can benefit you if you want to lose weight or gain muscle. There are several supplement types such as protein and amino acid supplements or creatine and other performance enhancers that will assist your efforts to become healthier.

Considering that there are only a handful of contributing factors to the performance of athletes which can be actively controlled, such as rest and nutrition, it is obvious how valuable the perfection of those factors for optimal of athletes is.


Turkey Rises In Supplement Usage

As mentioned earlier, there are lots of scientific researchers in this specific field of nutrition who are experts at judging whether a supplement is really healthy and safe to use or even has any beneficial effect on muscle building or weight loss.

One of those scientists comes from Turkey and has a website which specializes about protein supplementation (protein powders in general but also all kinds of supplements and information on how people should use them). Protein tozu (meaning protein powder), as the Turkish people like to call all forms of supplements erroneously, has become widely used in Turkey by fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike.

Therefore, the need to inform people about their proper use has also increased and does a great job in that regard voluntarily.

Benefits & Drawbacks of dietary supplements.

The researcher running the site states that protein supplements has following benefits;

  • Increased muscle mass
  • Increased power output of muscles
  • Decreased fatigue
  • Better healing time of muscles after an intensive workout
  • Slightly increased testosterone hormone

But of course there are also some downsides such as;

  • High price (in Turkey at least)
  • Questionable importer companies and unreliable products.
  • Health issues that could arise in times of overuse.
  • Other health concerns that might arise from contaminated products.
  • Etc.

Overall there seems to be much benefits in the usage of certain supplements in addition to proteins. One of those is creatine which still is misunderstood by the majority of people and sometimes is even thought of as a steroid (which it certainly isn’t!).

Creatine has also immense benefits when it comes to increase muscle mass and power. It works as a helpful agent in transferring energy from the cells to muscles and therefore enables the user to work out harder.

Of course, those are not the only supplements which could help you to get in better shape, the only reason we mentioned those two are that these are the most common used and most researched ones.

We still should not forget to say that there is no dietary supplement in the world no matter what it claims, which is effective enough to give you your dream body solely on its own. A person must work out hard and more important take care of his/her diet regimen and rest periods.

You should not forget that dietary supplements are not alternatives to healthy natural food sources and should only be used to (as their name suggest) enrich your diet.

Richard Anderson


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