The Most Common Mistakes in Weight Loss Diets

Weight Loss


Keeping a weight-loss diet over time is not always easy. Many people start a diet expecting to see results in the short term, but become discouraged and leave.

Weight Loss
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Some factors, such as lack of information on some food, or the effect that some habits produced in our bodies, can lead us to the diet of an incorrectly.

For weight loss diets do not end in frustration, there are some errors that are frequently committed, and that can be avoided.

Skipping meals

Dieting is not the same as skipping meals. On the contrary, it is to avoid reaching an excessive appetite to each food intake.

If our metabolism works more continuously, with repeated shots more food, we will burn faster.

Diets to lose weight Beware of light products

Ecological, products light and green packets, with very healthy appearance, are fashionable. However, in many cases, it is misleading advertising.

Sometimes we tend to eat more food when we think that is healthy. These products should be well informed before abusing their consumption.

Alcohol and salt

They are two important obstacles for diets to lose weight are effective. Taking too much salt causes fluid retention and hypertension.

It is also not a good idea to abuse alcohol, even if it is only during the weekend if you are on a diet to lose weight.

Do not drink enough liquid

Diets for weight loss success must be hydrated properly. In addition, it takes between two and two and a half liters of water or drinks without gas or calories.

In addition to water, other excellent products when dieting are vegetable broths, juices, and infusions.

The rush to eat

The proper way to eat to not take more food from the account is sitting, without performing another activity at a time. We will give small snacks, chew properly and with a good glass of water next.

Do not eat breakfast

Breakfast is an essential meal for the metabolism to start working properly. It is the beginning of the day and we need to strengthen our energy supply.

If we skip breakfast, your body will use its energy reserves. Another consequence is that what we take later will not assimilate properly, and can become fat.

Not sleeping enough

A good rest is essential for the proper functioning of the metabolism.

Some experts say you can lose weight while you sleep if properly rests.

Poor sleep will cause an additional effort for our body, which also requires more food to compensate for the lack of energy.

Do not exercise

Dieting is always accompanied by the moderate and consistent exercise. Half an hour of walking a day can be a good way to combat physical inactivity and burn the leftover body fat.

Follow the diet of an acquaintance

The diet should be personalized. Wanting to follow the example of a magazine, a famous person or someone who has lost weight can be frustrating.

What has worked for one person does not mean that it works for everyone. A specialist should take into account the lifestyle, schedules, and needs of each.

Weigh daily

Not only does losing weight consist in less weight, but also in losing fat. Weighing daily can only lead to an obsession with the scale.

Do not take any hydrate

Giving up all the nutrients we need is not a good choice. In addition, it must be considered that almost no food is pure; all are composed of hydrates, proteins, fats…

It is advisable to choose carbohydrates with a low glycolic level, as in the case of whole grains and vegetables.

In the case of bread, the specialists say that the bread itself is not fattening.

No foods that are good or bad, but inappropriate dietary patterns.

Do not treat yourself occasionally

You have to be realistic. A diet in which no whim is not allowed will not succeed. The real purpose of a regime is that it is feasible, to be fulfilled by the one who carries it out.

In addition, diets are planned so that the person can continue their professional and social life.

If someone has a work dinner in a place where they will not be able to follow the diet, it is certain that that night will abandon it.

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