Yoga at home: tips for beginners and sequences

Yoga at home

Are you doing for a while now Yoga and now want to practice at home? Or are you just on vacation and will not close or yoga offered only in a language you do not understand? It’s great that you on the yoga mat moves, for whatever reason.

Yoga at home

Yoga at home

But before it came to rolling out the Yoga mat goes a few more hints. Keep reading: What does tobacco effects on teeth?

* If you are practicing alone, it should also like to be a shorter unit. 90 minutes are definitely not a must! Do as much as you can, you feel comfortable and have time.

* If you still do not have as much exercise, then do Yoga exercises that you already know well from the yoga classes.

* Watch your daily condition. About Challenge, but urge you to do so.

* Always practice e.g. Easy before the more difficult, Sun Salutation before Headstand.

* To energize and wake you use Backbends and more bedtime Prevent.

* You can proceed but also to areas of the body, eg Exercises for the hip or lower back.

* Or rather you practice on your Umkerhaltungen or Twists.

* Another alternative is you singles out one position, eg Warrior 2 and try every important aspect to consider when your posture.

Before you start

Yoga at home

You just sit cross-legged (Sukhasana) and close my eyes. Collect yourself and introduce yourself into a yoga practice. Find an intention, a purpose for your practice. Might do a few breathing exercises, e.g. Ujjayi breath or Nadi Shodana, The alternate nostril breathing.

Prepare your body with a few light warm-up exercises, eg Cat/cow, the mobilization of your spine before.

Then follow a few Sun Salutations A and B, e.g. 2xA and 1xB. They are the cardiovascular training in yoga.

Now you can start with the “real” yoga exercises. It is first standing postures (Warrior – Virabhadrasana) and Seitdehnungen (Triangle – Trikonasana to practice). Then follow the twists and inversions (down-looking Dog – Adho Mukha Svanasana head or stand-Sirsasana). Then follow a meaningful way the backbends (Cobra – Bhujangasana, Bow – Dhanurasana). Before continuing with the prevention, counter with herabschauendem dog or twist.

A beautiful final sequence is Plow – Halasana, Shoulder Stand – Salamba Sarvangasana and Fish – Matsyasana.
And do not forget to have some time for relaxation (Savasana) And a small Meditation. Schedule that rounds out your yoga practice at home. You might also like:

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