4 economic ways to revive your living room

living room

It is possible to revive your living room without going through major renovation works. Here is how to think about a palette of colors or a new look for your living room without spending a real fortune.

living room

1. Stand in neutral

Keep the walls and floors in neutral tones so you can easily refresh a room on a weekend.

  • This is an excellent starting point for renovations that allows you to change your surroundings with minimal mess.

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2. Choose a particular item

Look closely at your room and choose an element that will inspire the theme and guide your choice of color for accessories.

  • Will it be this brightly colored carpet on the floor or a beautiful picture on the wall?
  • A sculpture will add character to the piece and make a real difference in its appearance.
  • The use of tapestries or Trompe-l’real effects on the walls can provide visual interest to the room.
  • Fireplaces are also excellent centers of attention.

living room3. Add color

Once a particular favorite item has been selected, the color palette can be added. It is not necessary to consider completely repainting, but a touch of color will highlight accessories carefully chosen.

  • Thus, a colored draped over the sofa will immediately put the furniture in evidence.
  • By adding colorful cushions, you can create a cozy atmosphere in the room, while enhancing its appearance.
  • Curtains are another way to enhance a piece. They can be chosen from a variety of colors and patterns.

By carefully using the colors, a piece can take on a summer look enriched with pale-colored accessories and then transformed into darker shades for a warm winter print in the fall. A plant can also brighten a room and add color to a living room.

living room4. New lighting

Another way to refresh a room is to equip it with new fixtures.

  • Lamps near the furniture can give the living room a more subdued appearance, using one of its central features as a point of interest.
  • The color of the existing lamps can be changed to refresh the living room.
  • To let more natural light enter the room, just clean the tiles and make them shine.

A living room can be easily reinvigorated at a relatively low price. Why not look at your living room today to refresh it?




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