A Guide to Planning and Building a Home Extension

As your family begins to grow, you may start to find that your once large house is becoming smaller. When you have children, you will find that you have a lot more possessions that need places to be stored and it is very hard to keep all of your rooms clean. Moving into a larger home can come with a lot of hard work. Instead, you could choose to extend your existing home and give yourself the extra space needed. In this article, we will explore a guide to help you plan and build your home extension.

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The first step of building an extension of your home is the planning stage. You will need to plan out exactly where your extension is going to be built and how big it is going to be. You will also need to decide what the purpose of your extension will be, as this will determine how you build it. For example, if you plan on building a larger kitchen space, then you will need to include the necessary pipework and plumbing during the build. Once you have your plans all drawn up, you should present these to your local council and get the necessary planning permission agreed.

Once you have all of this complete, you can now begin to purchase the necessary materials and equipment for your build. If they are not already in place, you will first need to dig your foundations. Dig the space that your extension will cover and fill this hole with concrete. This will give you a solid foundation to build your extension.

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The next step is to build your external walls. You will need to ensure that these blocks are all level and straight, as it is essential for the structure and stability of the building. If you are unsure how to properly build your walls, then you can contact a Cotswolds Builders company that can help you. Once your walls are in place, you can now install all your doors and windows.

Once this is complete, you can now begin to second-fix your extension. This will involve applying plasterboard to your walls that you can paint. Installing any sockets for taps, and decorating your new space.

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