Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Dog Day Care

A place where pet owners board their pets when they are out of town is known as a dog day care or pet hotel. Professional staff will do everything to make the dogs feel like home. They look after them in best possible way. If the idea of starting your own pet hotel sounds appealing, here are some steps on how to do it. Note that this is just the beginning of the complex process.

After getting local, federal and state permits you should consider the following:

The first important thing to do is look for a good site for your pet hotel. You need to check with the local zoning office to ensure the place you choose has a good zoning. Amount of space you will require is a worthwhile consideration; this is dependent on the kind and the number of animals you want to take care of. Besides, bear in mind that dogs always need extra space for exercise, so there is need to consider the yard’s size and also the building.

You need to begin with the construction of internal parts of the building; you will need a room for cats, a dog’s room, a lobby and a room for storage. You may also desire constructing extra rooms for emergency services.

You need to purchase kennels for the dogs and also some cathouses. Various sizes of metal crates are also required. Other furnishings will also be needed for example litter boxes and cat trees. You will also need to construct dog runs at the back of the building.


You need to determine the hours of operation. Adult dogs should be allowed out after every 8 hours while the puppies after at an interval of 4 hours. It’s also of highest importance to hire your workers accordingly. They have to be trained professionals. You will also warrant the services of a supervisor, receptionist, and kennel technicians. The workers should also be trained on procedures and policies to be followed while handling pets.

You should ensure that you stock all the supplies you may need in case you are in a position to purchase cat and dog foods in large quantity; cat and dog treats are also a notable consideration as well as bedding, blankets, leashes, water and food dishes, toys and cleaning supplies.

Other Tips

Visit some of the well known dog hotels and day care centers like to get the picture.

Take other vital services like training, doggie daycare, grooming or swimming time into consideration as well. This is critical in bottom line boosting.

You should give a similar boarding package to all the customers. The dogs will be allowed to get to the bathroom twice each day and 15 minutes should be given to the dogs for “play time” outside every day. That should be the standard; you can also give additional playtime at a small extra fee. This is a reasonable way of making some extra earnings. For the cats, you can make a kitty playroom.

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