Check before you add personality to your student accommodation.

Your first time away from home usually occurs by becoming a student. After you have completed A-Levels and found a University that you like or is prepared to give you an offer, it represents a time in your life when you start to gain some independence away from home and the influence of friends and family. When you move into your student digs, you are faced with an intriguing issue, namely, “how can I make this place look like somewhere I would like to live for the next three years” (in term time at least).

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The problem you are going to face is that the property is not actually yours. You might be tempted to paint the whole room black or a vivid colour that you might live to regret over the years to come. Try to remember that you will be entertaining people in your room and also studying and revising. The first thing to do, before you do anything, is to speak to the landlord about what is permissible. They may have very definite thoughts about the magnolia paint they’ve painstakingly applied over the summer.

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Student Accommodation Cheltenham is provided by this company that you can see at visit your perfect pad. You can inquire what is ok and what is not acceptable. The owners recognise that this will be where you live for three years or more if you do Post Grad work, so you will want to put a bit of spin on it.

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