Fence Restoration

Restoring a fence is not listed in the top ten tasks of any remodeling project. However, a fence restoration is necessary to complete the entire look of the house. Restore its condition to maintain the safety and privacy of your home. Enhance the color and polish if you are concerned about visual appeal. Review several steps that go into restoring a fence.


Restoring your fence includes replacing missing boards, mending old cracks and removing scratches. Rebuild the damaged parts that you have overlooked every time you step outside. The rebuilding part of the process is more important than applying a new paint color or polish. Have a professional repair the fence before the damages get worse.

Pressure Washing

Wash your fence using a high-pressure water technique that is proven to work on cars, driveways and patios. In a few minutes, remove years of ingrained dirt and debris, and keep the spaces clean in between the boards.

Pressure washers from 5,000 to 30,000 psi are available and remove various materials like old paint, grime and mold. Some washers allow you to apply a mixture of water, sand or other cleaning chemicals for stronger results.


Apply a new coat of paint as a do-it-yourself project. Most fences are tall and long, and painting is a meticulous process that must be done carefully. From a distance, it’s easy for anyone to view sloppy, irregular paint strokes. For many people, the best option is to hire professionals who work in teams and use different tools like rollers and sprayers.


After cleaning the fence thoroughly, apply a sealant to protect the material from further damage. An unsealed wooden fence hosts a variety of problems, such as rotting, cracks and scratches. A sealed wooden fence is protected from the detrimental effects of water and humidity. A sealant makes any material, whether wood or vinyl, last longer and show fewer visible defects.


The reasons why you needed to restore the fence is because you did not take care of it. Maintenance is more difficult than a repair or installation because it is often overlooked. Not maintaining your newly restored fence means having to repeat the process all over again.

Clean the fence regularly using a high-pressure washer, and apply a sealant every few years to prevent visible defects.

A fence restoration is necessary to care for your landscape now and in the future. Only professionals have the right expertise because fixing a fence and fixing the walls in the house are not the same tasks. There are special guidelines that go into repairing, restoring and maintaining a fence.

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