Five Simple Steps To Prepare Your House For A Newborn

There is nothing more exciting than preparing for the arrival of a newborn. At the same time it can be rather scary, especially for new parents. They are not sure what to expect, and may not know where to begin when it comes to getting the house ready. The following five simple steps will help.

Set Up a Nursery

Parents need to decide well in advance exactly where the baby will be sleeping. Usually this is an actual bedroom referred to as the nursery, but it can be any area within the house. A bassinet is helpful when the newborn first arrives, as it is smaller than the crib. A changing table with plenty of storage can also be beneficial, along with a rocking chair for Mom or Dad to use when comforting the little one.

Stock Up On Essentials

It is wise to buy any necessary baby items prior to actually bringing the baby home. Commonly needed things include diapers, baby soaps, clothing, and linens. These articles should be placed within reach to make baby care easy.


Clean the House Thoroughly

Because babies are very sensitive to dust and allergens, it is best to thoroughly clean the house. A clean atmosphere will be good for them, and parents seldom have time for cleaning during the first few months. All furniture should be wiped down, and professional carpet cleaning in Orange County is highly recommended. Babies love to spend time on the floor, and it isn’t long before they are crawling.

Wash All Baby Linens

The entire set of baby’s clothing needs to be washed and either hung up or placed in drawers to keep clean. This will remove any irritants, as well as making the fabrics softer and more comfortable. Blankets will also have to be laundered before using. Young children have very sensitive skin, so it is best to wash everything in special laundry soap designed for infants.

Stock Your Pantry and Kitchen

With the extra work involved in child care, new parents have little energy left for grocery shopping and cooking. By stocking up on basics, the mom and dad can cook meals ahead of time to keep in the freezer for use after the baby comes home. The time saved can mean more time for much needed sleep. Having food stocked up also keeps parents from having to take newborns out shopping in those first few weeks.

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