Hot bathroom trends for 2024

A bathroom is one of the most commonly visited rooms in the home, as after all, most people visit it first thing in the morning and last thing at night! Therefore, upping the style stakes in your bathroom can dramatically improve your experience of a home.

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Bathrooms in 2024 are all about glamour and drama. Read on to see some tips for making your bathroom the go-to destination in your home.

Add a mural – it’s not as hard as you think

Viewers were recently left agog by Amanda Holden’s reveal of a sensational Romanesque mural in the bathroom of a Tuscan townhouse in the latest series of Amanda and Alan’s Italian Job in which they do up an Italian property bought for one euro. Don’t worry if you don’t know a professional painter (or even an art student) just like Amanda you can make this dramatic and confident statement by using wallpaper instead.

Exposed pipes for some industrial glamour

If your home has a more modern feel or even some 1920s touches, then an exposed polished gold or copper pipe matrix is an easy way to add an expensive feel to any bathroom. Instead of being something to be hidden away, we predict that lots more homeowners will be putting their fine copper pipe plumbing on display in 2024. Think of high shine and high glamour.

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Statement tiled walls

Want a tiled wall instead of paint or wallpaper? As well as making sense from a maintenance and cleaning point of view, a tiled wall will add some serious style to your 2024 bathroom. Statement tiles that radiate onto the floor or ceiling are even better. Think of the Alcazar of Seville or Sicilian majolica for stylish continental accents that evoke the summer.

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