How is a CCTV drain survey conducted?

CCTV drain surveys are an increasingly popular service focused on identifying any issues in pipes and drains, used to locate problems before removing them. But how do they work, and why would you use this service over traditional means?

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What are they and how do they work?

You can take a solid guess at what CCTV drain surveys are from the name alone – they are cameras used to inspect drain conditions.

A camera system is deployed into a pipe, with live footage being relayed to the operator above ground. The camera navigates the system until the operator spots an issue such as a blockage or a damaged pipe. Some steps to mitigate blockages can be found here on draindoctor.

Most services allow the client to view the stream in full, with detailed written notes provided to explain any issues that may be present. Typically, a worker will talk you through the problems personally, but having the information at your own disposal provides a more collaborative experience, keeping you fully in the loop.

Once the issue is identified, then the usual procedure will take place – excavation to find the problem, and then either removal of a blockage or repair of a pipe.

If you need a CCTV drain survey Coventry, there are plenty of informative guides and services available online, such as

How does it compare?

The problem with other, camera-free services, is that large-scale excavation is probably required to find the problems. This causes a multitude of issues, from higher cost and time investment to environmental and noise pollution.

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The precision of a CCTV drain survey is what distinguishes it, with heavily reduced excavation and far less time and money needing to be invested. Digging still has to take place, but it is nowhere near as intrusive.

If you were just curious on the condition of your drains, it wouldn’t make much difference when using a normal service, as you would still have to pay for the full service. CCTV drain surveys ensure you won’t be breaking the bank to check for damage or blockages, easing your mind.

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