How to Repairing the roof gutter?

roof gutter

In the case of a leaky channel, damp damage on the wall of the house is likely. The repair is easy and goes fast. The rain gutter is tight again.

A leaky gutter not only causes unsightly residues on the house wall, the dripping rainwater can also damage the façade. In order to prevent a leaky rain gutter and also prevent the clogging in time, you should wait and repair the gutter at least once a year. How to tell you to step by step what you need to do.

roof gutter

With fiber-reinforced sealing compound

Which method you use depends on the size of the damage. For example, silicone or hot glue is suitable for the repair of small cracks. For larger cracks, use fiber-reinforced sealing compound or patches, such as patches for bicycle tires. However, these methods usually only help temporarily. Experts recommend that the defective part in the rain gutter be replaced completely.

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How are small cracks and holes repaired in the gutter?

For the repair of small cracks and holes, you can use solvent-free silicone. The silicone also holds on metal and damp surfaces. It can therefore also be used for the sealing of leaking gutter connections and transitions.

Before sealing the desired location, thoroughly clean the area around it. Then place the prescribed quantity on the spot and distribute it appropriately over the hole. Ensure that the silicone is spread smoothly so that dirt particles or the like cannot get stuck on small unevenness and can block the rain gutter.

roof gutter

What should be considered when dealing major damage?

To repair damage to the roof gutter of PVC, aluminum or zinc, use sealants or patches. These fabrics cover the crack or the hole sufficiently and provide additional stability. If the damage is more than ten millimeters, however, you should replace the defective gutter.

For repair using the fabric gauze, clean the defective area and area thoroughly. Then you can easily roughen the surface around the crack or the hole with a sandpaper. This keeps the sealant better.

Then attach the patches according to the manufacturer’s instructions. In order to increase the resistance of the sealed area, you can then spread it over with elastic dispersion paints and bitumen paints. This is especially necessary for gettering of metal.

After the repair work, you should check with a little water whether the areas are now sufficiently sealed and the damage is repaired.

roof gutter

When should you repair the gutter?

It is best to repair leaking gutters within a short time. This not only protects the building from further damage but also prevents material damage from spreading in the gutter and complicating repair.

If you find a crack or hole in the annual maintenance or cleaning of the rain gutter, you should repair it immediately or replace the defective element if necessary if repair is no longer possible.




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