The Must-Have Décor Designs For Your Home In 2016

Just like clothing fashions come and go so too do home fashions. Unfortunately home fashions are more difficult than clothes to cast aside and move onto the next. So choose wisely. Here are my home fashion predictions for 2016 that will definitely stand the test of time and ensure your home is looking amazing for years to come.

Retro Patterns

When looking to update your home why not go Retro? With this design purposely looking dated it removes the problem of all your hard work (and expense) only being relevant for a few weeks or months. Try some printed wallpaper, and if you don’t want to go all out with a room full of a heavy retro print pick a statement wall and use the wallpaper solely on that.  Pick furnishings wisely to compliment the walls, try less imposing items such as a plain dark wood table and curtains and other fabrics that will compliment well.


Pastel Colours

These are the perfect way to brighten up your home, particularly if there isn’t a lot of natural light coming into your rooms. Pastel colours work their magic by making your home appear larger. They are bang on trend for 2016 and can be that well needed freshening up that your home is after. Match furnishings such as cushions and curtains in varying pastel shades and give your home a really well thought out colour scheme. Try a few dark wood pieces or bold colours thrown into the mix as a clever contrast. And when you finally get bored of the pastels? Simply decorate over them, the soft colours mean this is easy to do compared to dark shades.

Metals and Marble

These may not be the initial materials you think of when looking for items for your home, however why not try statement pieces in these simple materials. Pick out something your room needs anyway such as a coffee table or lamp. A traditional statement piece such as this will be transitional even when it does come to redecorating your room again. You can invest in something which is perfect for your tastes and your home.

The pouf

This has to be my own favourite home accessory, the pouf can be a footstool for resting your tired feet on after a hard day, extra seating when you have more guests round, it can also function as a table. The possibilities are endless! In my opinion every home should have one of these amazing items.


Many houses have wooden flooring and although this is much easier to clean and looks much nicer than carpet in many cases it can begin to look a bit boring. Rugs are the saviour here and in 2016 we will see an increase in people investing in rugs to mix up the look of their flooring – and the best thing about rugs? They can be cleaned a lot easier than carpets!

This year it’s all about keeping it simple. Pick your décor wisely and add key pieces to really add that finishing touch to your rooms. Co-ordination is key, everything must have its purpose in your room. From curtains to cushions, carpet, chairs, to ornaments and everything else, these should all be tied in with each other to ensure your rooms aren’t a mismatched shambles!

What key décor designs do you think every home needs in 2016?

Richard Anderson


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