Three Parts of Your Home to Protect from Burglaries this Winter

Winter is here and as the darkness of the nights increases, it means that your home is at higher risk of burglars. Once the clocks go back in the autumn, burglars have much better opportunities to be able to work under the cover of darkness than they do in the summer months. When it comes to protecting your home, here are three key areas to ensure that you have done the best to protect from thieves during the winter months…

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Garages and Outbuildings – These are a favourite with burglars as they don’t have to go into the house, but many valuables can be stolen from sheds and garages, such as bikes and garden machinery like lawnmowers, so it is important to ensure that these buildings are secure. A secure door from somewhere like garage doors Bristol based company Up and Over Doors Ltd can keep the garage safe, and use a good padlock on the shed, as well as protective metal for windows if you have them.

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Side Entrances – A side entrance is a much easier way for a burglar to enter your home, as they have less chance of being seen. If you do have a side entrance to your home, it is a good idea to put a security camera, as well as lighting here to act as a deterrent to would be thieves.

Gardens – Dark and unused in the winter, gardens are a way for thieves t access the back of your home without being seen. Keep them out by planting spiky plants and making sure that your fences are secure and high to make it difficult to gain entry.

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