Top 6 Patio and Outdoor Design Trends

Design Trends

The gardens and outdoor spaces were secondary to many owners, but that era is over. These six trends of contemporary outdoor design give the gardens a new youth.

Top 6 outdoor design

1. Patio style patio

The grid pattern for patios and aisles has given way to much more complex and distinctive designs.

  • A mandala, the owner’s initials, a flower pattern or a kaleidoscope pattern are some of the models incorporated by the owners.
  • The self-locking and concrete pavers in oversized formats, lined with tons and various shapes and varied allow delimiting the space easily.
  • Unexpected geometric patterns help create a beautiful piece of outdoor decor.

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Design Trends

2. The juxtaposed materials

Outdoor patio designs are now also enhanced by combining two contrasting materials (or more).

  • Today, patios, walkways, gardens, paths and retaining walls are created with combinations of stone, concrete, quartz, various metals and even different wood grains.
  • For example, the light color of stone pavers with frames and/or touches of dark metal or contrasting hardwoods can immediately add style and visual interest to an outdoor space.

3. Artistic integration

Flowers and vegetable gardens are no longer simply grafted to the garden.

  • Today, garden areas are integrated homogeneously and deliberately into patios, walkways, retaining walls, decks, and verandas.
  • Patios created to follow curves in a natural way and to leave open spaces for gardens and flower beds will offer a more homogeneous overall look and a greater sense of integration throughout the property.

Design Trends

4. Ecologism

While style and design are now priorities, homeowners make landscape-making decisions while keeping an eye on the environment.

  • Eco-friendly materials are preferred because patios are now more likely to have permeable paving stones that ensure ideal drainage of rainwater.
  • The use of native plants, xeriscaping-landscaping landscaping taking into account irrigation) and composting are some of the ways in which gardens can be more environmentally friendly.

5. The kitchen of gourmet outdoors

Having only, a gas grill on the patio is not enough for some homeowners.

  • These days, custom-made outdoor kitchens are in fashion.
  • The kitchens are equipped with integrated gourmet stations, refrigerators, filled bars and even brick pizza ovens for home-baked pizzas.

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Design Trends

6. A warm space all year round

With all of these style improvements available, the owners also find creative ways to extend the outdoor design we all love.

  • Designer fireplaces, outdoor brick fireplaces and innovative electric or gas heating systems can help keep the patio comfortable during the winter months.
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