What are the features of a modern farmhouse kitchen?

A farmhouse kitchen tends to be a room with a mixture of traditional and country elements. It’s often associated with time periods from the Victorian to the early twentieth century. The farmhouse kitchen aesthetic has become a lot more popular recently due to pop culture and changing tastes. Farmhouse kitchens typically have elements of marble and wood alongside a general rustic charm.

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Despite what you may think at first glance, having a limited floor plan in your kitchen won’t ruin your chances of cultivating that farmhouse aesthetic. There are many clever tricks you can use to make your kitchen look more spacious than it is while creating the desired farmhouse look.

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Try switching to open shelving in favour of closed cabinets to start off the kitchen refurbishment process. If open shelving feels like too much, then glass cabinets are a good alternative.

Another thing you can try is getting a backsplash going from counter to ceiling. This will add to the illusion of space in a way that’s pleasing to the eye.

Lived-In Aesthetic

A way to lean into the farmhouse look would be to display your items instead of hiding them in an attempt to look less cluttered. This technique goes hand in hand with the open shelving as it will help you to achieve this effect with ease, while at the same time giving your kitchen a more homey, cosy and lived-in atmosphere. This is especially good as farmhouse kitchens are meant to feel busy and full of life.

Farmhouse Sink

The farmhouse sink is an important element when it comes to a farmhouse kitchen refurbishment for a few reasons. Let’s start with how it’s different from the average sink.

It’s a lot larger than the sinks most homes have, taking up a good chunk of space. It’s also much deeper than most sinks as well. This is because farmhouse sinks are meant to hold many dishes at a time, making them ideal for busy households.

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