What are the signs of needing a new front door?

The front door of any property is its gateway to the world and needs to be secure and stylish. But how do you know when yours is beyond repair or simply needs a bit of TLC? Sometimes a door can be sticking or not shutting properly, but it may still have some life left in it. So, here’s a guide on what to look out for before splashing out on a new one.
Loose hinges

Often a squeaky hinge just needs a bit of oil to put right. But if it has become really loose and stays loose even after you tighten it, it might be time for a new door, as security will be compromised. Worn-out hinges could make it relatively easy for someone to force the door open.

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Large cracks

If your front door is wooden, it is likely to be quite old, as UPVC doors Cirencester or elsewhere in the country didn’t become commonplace until the 1990s. Wear and tear can lead to cracks in the wood, which will lead to draughts, but more worryingly, make the door structure weak, which could be a safety issue.

Although you can sand and fill the cracks before painting, it won’t be a permanent fix and you’ll need to think about a new door. The Double Glazing Ombudsman Scheme says that installing a new uPVC door can reduce noise levels by as much as 50% and they don’t crack in the same way as wooden ones. If you are in need of UPVC doors in Cirencester, there is lots of advice on what’s available.

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Blowing a gale

A freezing draught blowing from your front door is a sign that the door or its seals have shrunk or that the door has warped. You can use a draft excluder, but this won’t fix the problem long-term.

Difficult to use

Doors should be easy to open and close. So if your door is dragging on the floor or getting jammed on the frame, it could be time to invest in a new one.

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