What can make a drain smell?

A nasty smell emanating from a kitchen or bathroom drain can be unpleasant and concerning. Several factors can contribute, with understanding the underlying causes essential for effective odour elimination. Here are some common reasons why your kitchen or bathroom drain may emit unpleasant smells.
Accumulation of organic material

One of the most frequent causes of drain odours is the accumulation of organic material in the drainpipes. Food particles, soap scum, hair and other debris can build up over time, providing an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. As this organic matter decomposes, it releases foul-smelling gases that can escape through the drain into your living space.

There are products available on the market to help unblock drains; alternatively, there are home remedies such as bicarbonate of soda and vinegar.

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Blocked or partially blocked drains

If your drain is partially blocked by debris, water may become trapped in the pipe and cause bad smells. A fully blocked drain can cause water to stagnate, exacerbating the problem.

Dry P-traps

P-traps, the curved sections of drain pipes under sinks, are designed to hold a small amount of water. This creates a barrier that prevents sewer gases from entering your home. If a drain is not used regularly, the water in the P-trap can evaporate, allowing sewer odours to enter your living space.

Sewer vent issues

The plumbing system in your home includes vent pipes that allow air to escape from the sewer system. These vents prevent the buildup of sewer gases in your plumbing. If a vent is blocked or damaged, it can disrupt the airflow and lead to odours escaping through drains.

Broken or cracked pipes

Over time, pipes can deteriorate due to age, corrosion, or damage. Cracked or broken pipes can allow sewer gases to escape, leading to unpleasant smells in your kitchen or bathroom.

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By identifying and addressing the root causes of drain odours, you can maintain a fresh and smell-free kitchen and bathroom environment. Regular maintenance and prompt action can help prevent these odours from recurring.

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