Where to find boxes for your move?


That is it, it is confirmed, and you are moving. Now, you have to make your boxes. However, we must find them somewhere, these boxes.

The big question: Should you use new or used boxes?

New boxes

If you run out of time and do not want to break your head, or if you have special items to pack, buy boxes. Here is where you can find:

  • In specialized companies, such as packaging companies or cartoon series. These companies have boxes of all kinds, such as wardrobes, archival boxes, boxes for wine bottles, etc. They may be new or slightly worn.
  • In truck rental companies. These companies also rent all kinds of very useful accessories like a devil and straps.
  • On the classified ads sites. Indeed, many people resell or give big lots of boxes.
  • In the renovation centers.
  • In moving companies.
  • In post offices and other courier services.
  • In the office products business.
  • In warehousing companies.


Used boxes

Here are the best places where you can find many used boxes free. Simply go to the counter and ask for the empty boxes.

  • Grocery Stores
  • Convenience
  • Department stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Warehouse Stores, etc.

Tip: The boxes that served for bottles of wine make excellent boxes to put your books because they are small and sturdy. You can also use it for your glasses.


Have you thought about moving bins?

More and more companies offer the rental of moving bins. They are very practical because they stack very well, so you will save space in the truck. Besides they are sturdy, have carry handles and a tight lid.

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In practice

You have to reserve them and you can keep them time to pack and unpack.

  • The terms can change from one company to another, but to give you an idea, it could cost you an average of a hundred dollars for about thirty bins, all for a week.
  • A number of rented bins may vary, and the rental period may be longer. You may also have the delivery and pickup of bins included in the price.
  • Other benefits are more environmentally friendly than buying new boxes and simpler than running used boxes. A happy medium.
  • If you are concerned about the hygiene aspect, please note that the bins are normally washed and disinfected after each use.


Where to find them

In conclusion, everything depends on your priorities: time, money, and environment. Make a sensible choice and most importantly, do not go at the last minute. Moving boxes and moving bins move quickly during the move.




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