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If you want to start making money online, from my point of view the first thing you have to do is create a blog, since, from your blog you can generate income through Google Adsense, with affiliate programs, get referrals, sponsorships Paid, sell their own products. Then I will teach you the steps to make money with a blog.

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  1. Choose a Theme

You have to choose a topic that you will talk about on your blog, for this, you have two options.

The most I recommend is that you talk about something you like, passionate and have knowledge. It can be sports, cooking, spirituality, fashion, computing, etc. I think you already know which theme to choose.

The second option is to choose a topic that is profitable on the internet, that is, it has high demand and pays well for advertising and referral programs. See What are the most profitable topics or niches for a blog ?.

  1. Buy a domain

Choose a domain name that is related to the topic you chose. If possible, try to use keywords. You can buy a domain name for your blog from 1 American dollar a year with or See What domain to choose?

  1. Create a Blog

The first thing to do is to create a blog and for this, there are two options Blogger and WordPress.

If you do not have money to invest or just do not want to do it, I recommend Blogger; it’s the free option of Google. Its advantages are:

  • You can make a professional blog.
  • You can customize it by accessing the HTML template.
  • You can insert PayPal into your pages and entries.
  • You can automatically integrate other tools like Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Google Plus, Adsense, and Adwords.

See How to create a blog on blogger?

The other option is to create a blog at, this is very popular because of its plugins that do not make life easier.However, you must hire a hosting plan from 1 dollar American or Its advantages are:

  • You can make a member registration area.
  • You can make an online store with many products.
  • You can have private courses or private zone of paid memberships.
  • You have access to the Myself database.

See How to create a blog on

  1. Upload content

In this step, you have several options and I will explain them to you next:

The best practice is to write the content yourself interesting according to the subject you chose. That is why it should be something that you are passionate about, that you do it for free even if you do not earn money. Many people have started with their blogs as a hobby and have ended up earning a lot of money because their initial intention was not to make money if they did not share their knowledge and passion about a certain topic.

If you hate writing, another option is to pay someone to write in your blog content quality, however, do not recommend it, because you’d have to invest some money. There are pages like or where you can get people willing to write for you.

An alternative is to get items PLR (private label rights). These are articles that you have the permission of the author to modify its content without violating the copyright. It is an option that I recommend, especially if you want to shorten the time to start generating income.

Finally, we have the option of visiting popular blogs and take some ideas. They must have good content on the theme we chose for our blog. Be careful with copy and paste, because the search engines will notice the duplicate content and you will lose positions in the search engine or even delete your blog from the search engine.

The key is to take the idea and write it in your own words. For example, you read a paragraph and if you think it is important you write it in your own words, the information that is not relevant delete it. When you publish your post or page I recommend using the tool, it serves to detect duplicate content. In case you do not pass the test make the necessary modifications.

  1. Add revenue sources

We have several options to generate income with our blog. Here are the most profitable ones.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are the fastest and easiest way to generate revenue because its advantage is that we should not develop any product or service. What we must do is, choose a product or service to promote on our blog, that is interesting for our audience and in this way increase the possibilities of sale. If a person acquires the product or service with our affiliate link to us from we are paid a commission which in some cases can be up to 75%. The affiliate program I recommend is to click bank.

See How to make money with affiliate programs?

Google Adsense

Undoubtedly, if you want to make money with your blog, you should place Google Adsense advertising. Remember that Google is the most used search engine on the planet, and therefore has the largest network of advertisers in the world, no matter where the reader comes from, there will always be an advertisement for him.

There are two ways to make money with Adsense; Every time an ad appears or when someone clicks on the advertisement. See How To Make Money with Google Adsense?

Paid Patrols

When your blog has an interesting audience, you can offer advertising space by negotiating directly with the advertiser. You can also sell mentions in the content of your post or entries. The advantage is that there are no intermediaries so all the money is for you, in addition, you negotiate the price, and in most of the times, it is the advertisers who contact you to place your advertisement.

Sell own products or services

You can promote your own products on your blog, be it a book, a course, or premium membership area. Its advantage is that the hard work is done once and then left as a passive income, also you can use content PLR (private label rights), pay someone to develop your product, or take some ideas from other products that you like to you. See How To Make Money with own products?

  1. Attract traffic to your blog

Most important of all, is to attract visitors to your blog. If your blog does not have visits no matter how good it is, it will never earn money. There are several ways to attract visitors:

With paid advertising

You can use Google Adwords to generate traffic to your blog, but I do not recommend it as it is an expensive option, when it is much optimized your blog to generate income, then it could be an alternative. Another option is to buy advertising spaces or mentions in popular blogs that are related to yours. I do not recommend paying pages for viewing ads to their users, as these types of people are usually not potential customers.

With so

This is to optimize your blog in such a way that you get good positions in the search engines and therefore more visits. This is called organic traffic. You must take into account title, description, keywords, headings, bold letters, links, etc. This option is a bit complicated since you need technical knowledge, however, sooner or later you will have to implement it in your blog.

Publishing on free platforms like social networks, forums, Youtube, etc.
This is my favorite when you are starting because it is totally free and success depends on your creativity to get people’s attention. You can comment on forums, post on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Make videos and upload them to YouTube. There are many options. Always remember to bring value and do not spam or block these sites. As a personal experience, I work a lot in Facebook groups or upload videos on YouTube.

How much can you earn with a blog?

For me, it depends on two things. Qualified traffic is the number of potential customers who visit your blog and the topic you have chosen. There are topics that are very well paid on Adsense and others that sell nicely affiliate products.

Recommendation: If you want to learn how to create a blog in WordPress I recommend getting the Course Domina WordPress. There are 38 videos that teach you everything from scratch everything your blog needs to start making money.


Blogs are a fantastic way to make money. They work well in search engines, are easy to promote, and can offer all kinds of content. If you are good at what you do, you could develop a fairly large following of readers who subscribe to your RSS feed who will read your content on a daily basis. How to make money with a blog

If you are starting a blog, you need to be prepared to commit to blog growth, posting often, keeping it updated, and not giving up on it.

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