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Online advertising programs are programs that allow us to place our ad on various websites related to the subject of the ad and pay only for the clicks that users make on it.

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We are only dedicated to designing our ad and the program is responsible for automatically placing it on the websites that are associated with the program and related to the subject of the advertisement, thus reaching a large number of users who might be interested in the product Or service that we are advertising.

But in addition to immediately reaching a large number of our target audience, another advantage of these programs is that they allow us to pay only for the clicks that users make in our ad (and are thus directed to the website that we have associated with same).

Online advertising programs today are probably the most effective way to advertise on the Internet, and if you still have not tried it , then we invite you to know the steps needed to use them :

1. Create a web page

Having a website is required to use these programs, as when a user clicks on an ad, there needs to be a website where directed (and so can access more information about the product or service being Announcing).

If for the moment we do not have the knowledge needed to design a web page, or the need to send one budget, an alternative is to create a business page on Facebook , which fulfills almost the same functions as a common website .

2. Sign up for an advertising program

There are various online advertising programs, but today the two most known and used programs are the AdWordsfrom Google, and the program Facebook Ads Facebook.

The first is that our ad can be published on a large number of websites (since there are many sites that are associated with the program), while the second has the particularity that our ad is published in the Profiles of Facebook users who might be interested in the product or service that we are advertising.

To check in AdWords, we need to create a Gmail account, then enter this link, while in the case of Facebook Ads, we need to create a user account on Facebook, and then enter this link .

3. Set up Ad Campaign

Once registered in the program we proceed to configure our advertising campaign; For example, we specify if we want to pay only for the clicks that our ad receives (Cost Per Click or CPC), or whenever our ad reaches a thousand impressions (Cost Per Thousand or CPM), the maximum amount that we are willing to spend Per day (daily budget), and the maximum amount we are willing to spend for each click that our ad receives (budget per click).

We can also specify the particular characteristics of our target audience; For example, if we want our ads to show only to users in a particular country or, in the case of Facebook Ads, if we want to show only users with certain interests.

4. Create ad

Like any ad on the Internet, ads for online advertising programs can be textual (consisting of a title, a brief message, and the URL or web address of the web page associated with the ad), or graphics or banners (made up of an image Static or animated).

Although in the case of Facebook Ads, our advertisement must consist of an image, a title, and a short text, and may aim to promote our website, get more followers for our company page on Facebook, or promote a publication in this.

At this point, it is advisable to create more than one ad per campaign so that we can compare the performance of the ads, and determine which are the most effective.

5. Launch of advertising campaign and follow-up

Finally, after setting up our advertising campaign and having created our ad, we proceed to select the form of payment we will use to pay for the service and to launch our advertising campaign.

And after launching our campaign, we proceed to follow-up through the tracking tools offered by these programs, to analyze, for example, the overall performance of the campaign, which are the most effective ads, and what is the most budget convenient.

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