Web design trends for 2016, when renewing the website of the SMEs?

Web design

Web design as the rest of the areas of Internet is constantly evolving and changing aesthetic tastes make a thoughtful web a few years ago may now already be obsolete. So it’s time to talk about trends in web design for 2016, which is sure to interest those who will renew your site soon.

Web design
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Starting with an issue marked by the changes incorporated in Android, the Design Material, where the depth, surfaces, edges, shadows and colors play a key role. But not all the designs where cards, Pinterest or Google Now type are also upward trend prevail. The truth is that it is a very simple and effective way to organize information on the web which does not lack appeal.

We can continue with the menus. Here the trend is not so uniform, and while some opt for the typical burger menu that can be found on mobile devices, tablets or web browsers like Firefox and Chrome. Others prefer to experiment with a bulkier design menus, consisting of large squares or areas that are placed on the side taking advantage of the extension of widescreen displays.

Flash is already banished from the web, but the animations are still on an upward trend, especially in the home. A small animation always adds dynamism. Here we can include small pictures or animated “Cinemagraf” where only part of the picture has movement format gif.

Within this trend we can also include videos, either in classic format, animations or Vine type most dynamic formats that can be a very creative solution to illustrate certain aspects of our website, our company or certain products or services.

With all this we must never forget the sense of the web, its functionality, because ultimately must fulfill its purpose for which it has been created by SMEs. We can have a well designed website, but cannot be empty of content or seek conversion of customers who visit.

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