What is online marketing?


The world of the current web 2.0 is defined in two keywords online marketing. What the hell is that about online marketing?Why should I care? Do you really need to have some marketing knowledge to make money online with a blog or a website?

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Everyone seems to have these questions already clear. It is said that if you’re not on Facebook , Twitter, and social networking a lot mover’s nobody. That for a business to take off on the Internet needs to be promoted and made known through digital media. On that, we all agree.

The problem is that online marketing is much more than that and people do not always know its reach. We are talking about online marketing, but we are not aware of the complexity that is coming up today. I hope in this article to clarify it so that you convince yourself how important it is to be formed in this subject.

What is online marketing

The classic definition of marketing refers to it as

When we talk about online marketing or digital marketing, we are talking about that social process through the interactive media of Web 2.0, with all the changes that imply.

In this social or communication process brings together various kinds of subjects in a space we call market. In a market, there are groups and people with needs and desires and a number of companies that need to sell products and services to meet those needs. Companies and consumers relate to each other before, during and after the consumer purchases a product or service. The well-being of the market depends on the maintenance of these relationships.

How are these relationships maintained? Through marketing activities, focused on a marketing strategy: it involves identifying the wishes and needs of the people and develop activities aimed at satisfying. In the case we are talking about, it would be an online marketing strategy. Let’s see what are the elements of an online marketing strategy that should pay attention.

What are online marketing actions?

The marketing actions that we use are focused on finding and maintaining visitors to a web page or blog in order to have an audience, of which a percentage is likely to become a customer.

What are our goals? We will define them in our online marketing strategy, which will consist of the following areas.

1. SEO and SEM: they have to find us

Our audience has to find us through search engines, either through a natural and organic web positioning or by advertising sponsored links. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are those techniques we use to get an organic positioning. The SEM will be focused on the specific marketing actions in which we want to position ourselves for a faster conversion.

2. Web Design and Creation: We Must Like It

There is no point to the relationship communication business to consumer, if when we get people to come to our site has to flee because web design is very bad. Must have a good web architecture that is intuitive for people to find what they want.

Nor is graphic design the only important thing; Our page must have a functionality in terms of web programming that allows visitors to navigate comfortably through it without problems of any kind.

3. Social marketing: we have to dialogue with them

To know the needs of the market we must talk to our audience. Social networks offer us an unbeatable communication tool for this purpose. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social networks allow you to post content and get statistics like “likes”, “comments”, “retweets” and other feedback that tell us what our audience needs, what interests them and what their problems are.

Plus: readers do not just want to look at you. They need to participate, contribute, contribute their opinions and see that they are important and are needed. When they are answered, they are dialogued, they are interviewed and they are valued, we achieve one of the marketing objectives: loyalty.

4. Content Marketing: We Must Give Value

Visitors / readers / clients / followers should find content that gives them value so that they continue to want to talk to us. The dialogue gives us information about their needs. The contents of a blog, or Facebook, or any social network, are focused on meeting those needs on the market: how this is done, what problems exist today, etc.

It is not a question of telling them which company can help them or harass them with “call now” or “buy now”, but to talk, provide information, offer free content to maintain a long-term communication relationship.

When someone tries something free, they often feel satisfied and decide to buy the plan or payment product. Thus marketing becomes an instrument to convert loyal readers into customers. Called “return on investment” or ROI (Return on investment)the percentage or ratio obtained by dividing the difference of the investment in marketing activities (investment) and results (sales obtained) between investment.

No company can live to the end and after the “like” Facebook, even if they are tremendously important.

5. Affiliate Marketing: spread the word

Once we have managed to turn a percentage of readers into sales, and sales into loyal followers, your blog or web has incredible potential to keep growing. You can make your fans more unconditional in people who will speak on your page in blogs, forums and web pages in exchange for a commission. This is what we know as affiliate marketing .

One of the fundamental parts of Internet marketing is to take advantage of the possibilities of virility that offers us. Affiliate marketing allows you to redouble the ability of your online business to generate money.

Why is all this so important?

Without the proper online marketing strategy, part of a previous study of the Internet market, today it is impossible to make money online. I’m talking about serious methods to make money, of course, not to make quick money with e-mails, surveys and the like. I’m just talking about serious business and medium-long term.

I hope you are aware of how important today is online marketing to start making money through the Internet. If you have any questions or comments, please, I need to know your opinion and talk to you. Now I ask you to think of a person who needs to read this article to have a clearer idea of online marketing and share this entry through your Facebook or Twitter.

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