5 Fashion Tips to Shop Well

  1. Choose classic cut jeans

When you buy a pair of jeans, do not be tempted by all these trendy styles that involve discoloration, bizarre cuts, special colors and intentional tears.

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Jeans manufacturers love when you are paying for trendy styles as they go out of style in the blink of an eye – and you’ll have to buy a new pair of a new style the following year.

  • Opt instead for classic denim jeans with five pockets. This will last for years and even when it is washed out, you will still appreciate it.
  1. Check the weaving of the fibers

Your tailor looks strange, but you do not know why. Not all manufacturers pay attention to the fiber sense of the fabric – the way the fibers are woven.

  • When you buy a tailor, test to see if the fabrics of both pieces have been cut in the same direction of weaving: pass your hand over the fabric of the jacket and then in the same direction on the skirt or trousers.
  • For example, you could test up and down the fabric of a sleeve of the jacket, then up and down the fabric of the skirt.
  • The texture of the fabric can be smooth or rough – either one is correct. But you have to make sure you feel the same texture by touching both pieces.If this is not the case, choose another model.
  1. Do a color test before buying

When buying a garment in a store, do two quick checks to ensure the quality of the fabric’s color:

  1. Look at the garment with sunglasses (those whose glasses are a bronze tint work best) to ensure that the colors of the garment are uniform.
  2. Place the garment facing a backlit window to see if the colors are constant.

Although consumers are rarely informed about the subject, manufacturers spend a lot of time evaluating the color variations of a fabric, an effect called mesmerism. Quality-conscious retailers and manufacturers will ensure that the colors of a garment are equal under all light sources.

  • The situation is as follows: a garment can be composed of different fabrics of the same color – such as the outer trim of a jacket, the cuffs, and sleeves. The color of these different elements must be equal and uniform, regardless of whether the light source is incandescent, fluorescent or natural.
  • If you buy a garment and do not pass this test, you have a reason to return it to the store.
  1. Buy vintage clothing

Search online for thrift stores and vintage clothing stores in your area.

  • If you are concerned about how to dress, it is beneficial to visit these stores regularly. First, the clothing of the 1950s and 1960s is generally of better quality than the clothing manufactured today.
  • Second, these classic clothes are back in fashion; It is a good investment.
  • Finally, you have the assurance of having a unique garment – there is no chance of meeting someone else at an evening that will wear the same dress.
  1. Choose unbreakable satin weave cotton

No one wants to get to work in a crumpled shirt. There is a special formulation of wrinkle-free cotton – but many in-store consultants will have no idea how to identify such a garment for you.

But to be sure to choose a satin weave here is a quick and simple test: the wrinkle in your hand a section of the fabric and release.

  • If the fabric remains wrinkled, it is conventional cotton.
  • If the fabric resumes its shape then yes, you have found a cotton satin weave.
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