8 Tips to Have a Gorgeous Skin

Gorgeous Skin

Your skin is the first layer of your immune system and it serves as a shield between you and armies of bacteria. You can protect and keep your skin hydrated by monitoring your diet and following these tips.

1. Change your moisturizer every time you change your season

Your skin needs to be more hydrated in winter than in summer.

  • Therefore, when it is time to wear a hot sweater, it is time to buy a more powerful moisturizer.
  • When you swap your sweater for a T-shirt, move on to a lighter cream.

Gorgeous Skin

2. Avoid the 3 skin poisons

Avoid the following three skin poisons: smoking, tanning salons and sunbathing.

  • Many doctors agree that these three factors prematurely age the skin.

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3. Here is a tip for men

It is time to recognize that skin protection products, such as exfoliants and moisturizers, are not just for women.

  • To prevent wrinkles and skin cancer, use a daily moisturizer containing sunscreen with an SPF index of at least 30.
  • Also, use a gentle exfoliator every week and a moisturizing night cream.

Gorgeous Skin

4. Limit your alcohol intake

Exaggerated alcohol consumption widens the blood vessels near the surface of the facial skin.

5. Remove excess oil from your face

Remove excess oil from your face the day by dabbing a powder from time to time to mop up the surplus.

  • Do not use a compact powder, which actually contains hydrocarbons in its list of ingredients.

Gorgeous Skin

6. Never rub your eyes

Apply compresses instead. The skin of your face is extremely delicate, especially in your eyes.

  • Apply lightly to your face whenever you want.
  • If your eyes are itchy, apply a cold compress or a small cloth on the area, or try a cotton pad soaked in tonic or witch hazel.

7. Use only one brand of beauty products

If you buy and use many different skin care products, some will probably contain the same ingredients, thus rendering them useless. In addition, some brands are not compatible with others, although you have no way of knowing until you set the note and open it.

  • You will get better results if you use products that are formulated to work together.
  • You may have to pay a little more, but experts agree that you will get better results.

Gorgeous Skin

8. Buveau a lot of water

Drink at least eight glasses of water 250 mL (1 cup) per day to stay hydrated.

  • This helps to eliminate toxins through the kidneys instead of your skin.



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