All about perfumes | What perfume to use in each situation?

all about perfumes

If we choose the right ones, perfumes and natural essences can help us improve multiple conditions, relieve tension and balance our mood. The nerves are deceptive and can manifest with sweat on the hands or even in the whole body. Here we discuss all perfumes and which one to use in each situation.

Would you like to give that image? No, right? The worst is that, because of this perspiration, a bad smell can begin to occur. Many times we do not perceive that stench, but those around us, yes. The aforementioned reactions may be due to a lack of control in the mood. The good news is that it is possible to neutralize it with a fragrance or perfume. The aromas have a positive quality that can balance the mood of the person. Nerves or bad mood can be controlled or modified with the correct aroma. Continue reading: How to Remove Sun Tan Quickly with Home Remedies.

All about perfumes

all about perfumes

A student comes to the front of his class because it is his turn to expose and his hands are sweating because he is having a reaction to nerves.

The same thing happens to an unemployed person who finally gets a job interview. The time comes, he enters the office and then it happens: the shirt starts to get wet.

What can the student and the future worker do? First of all, they can prevent this situation from happening. You can go to the doctor and see your case.

Meanwhile, they can take advantage of aromatherapy techniques.

It turns out that there are aromas that can relax you. The perfume will not make you stop sweating, but it manages to calm your nerves so that the quick perspiration does not occur.

There are two aromatic substances that will be very helpful in combating sweating: the essential oil of rosemary and the Mediterranean herb.

  • Both cause an energizing effect.
  • They are great stimulants and you just have to smell the aromatic oil.
  • The aromatic extracts distilled from the seeds, leaves, and petals of plants are essential oils that can make brain waves relax.

In this way, creative thoughts that relieve tension are thrown away. This will increase your confidence.

To combat poor memory

Who has not gone through mental gaps? Do not feel bad if you’ve been forgetting where you left things lately. If yours is sporadic, what you need is a perfume with a mint aroma or an essential oil of mint. This rich smell will help you create new solutions and have more energy. Check also:

The Jesuit University of Wheeling, in West Virginia (United States), conducted an investigation in which participants who used peppermint oil as a stimulus got an advantage over the rest. The participants gained the upper hand in creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

Regarding this, Jade Shutes, director of the School of aromatic studies of North Carolina, commented that “mint also helps to maintain information”. So, you know, all about perfumes with mint notes or directly the natural essence can help you. If you are a student, do not forget this trick during the exam period.

Against altered nerves

all about perfumes

The traffic jam is an ordeal for any driver. You spend hours stuck just when you should arrive early for an important appointment. You do breathing exercises, you try to listen to soft music and nothing works for you. Just imagine that situation, it is maddening.

What you need is a rose perfume. Try not to miss essential oil in your vehicle. This relieves nervous tension by the release of endorphins in the brain.

The same happens when you’re going to face situations that you know are going to upset your nerves.

The effects of rose essential oil last a long time and will keep you relaxed during a test in college or at school. You can also teach all about perfumes to your children. When life seems gray and you feel discouraged

Even if you are the happiest person there is, there will always be a day when, unexpectedly, your joy will be on the ground. The perfume or essential oil of cinnamon will improve your mood with great ease, even better than chocolate.

For students, chocolate helps them become active and encourages them to work with much more encouragement. It also happens with workers who usually read a lot, such as journalists and lawyers.

Take advantage of the aromas that nature gives you

Nature was perfectly created and each plant has a reason for being. When looking for your new all about perfumes, think about the sensations you want to achieve and choose the ones that help you balance your mood. The best thing is that these effects are transmitted to family, friends, and anyone nearby.




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