Are Postcards Affordable?

Postcards are a popular choice among many marketers, families, and businesses. You could attribute this to their versatility, efficiency, high-impact effect, and excellently targeted marketing capabilities. However, the biggest question has been whether these postcards are affordable. Here is a breakdown to understand how affordable this option can be.

Average Cost

The average cost of a single postcard is significantly low. Usually, you’ll pay approximately one to two cents per piece. This amount is much lower compared to other digital marketing alternatives at your disposal. Suppose you want to print 5000 pieces. In this case, you will spend between $50 and $100, suitable for a limited budget.

Mailing Cost

You’ll love how low the mailing cost of postcards can be. On average, sending this postcard will cost you approximately 35 cents. This price covers the mailing of your postcard to any part of the country. Undoubtedly, $0.35 is relatively affordable when sending personalized messages aimed at specific audiences. However, this price suffices for standard-sized postcards only. You could spend a little more on somewhat bigger ones, often costing you an extra ten to 20 cents.

Customizing Costs

Customizing your postcard will often make it more appealing. This process will cost you slightly more than the usual costs. The amount incurred will vary with the kind of customization you choose. For instance, writing a personalized message will cost you much less than including infographics on the postcard. At the same time, a laminated postcard will cost you more than a regular paper postcard.


You can measure affordability by the return on investment. Postcards often target specific markets or audiences. Converting such leads will often be much easier. Yet, you’ll have spent less than $0.37 per person. This incredible ROI shows how affordable the option is.

In conclusion, postcards are significantly affordable. Investing in these cards assures you of incredible returns in the long run.

Richard Anderson


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