Christmas Deliveries and Online Shopping – How it Affects Delivery Services

With Christmas just around the corner, many of us are relying on the timely arrival of gifts that we have ordered for friends and family. Online shopping is something that has been increasingly popular over recent years, but during the pandemic, even more so – as many shops and suppliers were forced to think of new ways to get around social distancing rules to operate safely, online business has boomed.

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With this in mind, the online retailers and the delivery supply chains will be even busier this year than usual – warehouses need to be well organised to prepare for such a mammoth demand on services. Having a well organised warehouse is crucial when preparing for the Christmas rush – from ensuring that staff are properly trained, to using bonded warehouse management from Gaina to ensure that things are run smoothly.

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As well as the warehouses and storage facilities, this will also put a lot of pressure on delivery services. Royal mail usually publishes when their last posting days are if you want to send something in time for Christmas, but other courier companies as well as hauliers will be under pressure to make sure that they are getting things moved around in a timely way. This year has seen a lot of issues with deliveries anyway, as hauliers have struggled to find enough drivers to drive the large vehicles that are needed.

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