Four Things to Make your School Prospectus Great

A school prospectus is something that every school should have – when parents are choosing the right school for their child, this will provide them with a lot of important and valuable information to help them make an informed choice.

A professional like this school prospectus design company will be able to create it for you, and here are some of the things to bear in mind when creating it…

Make it Unique – Your prospectus should stand out and be your own, so come up with the ways that you can make it unique and stand out from the crowd!

Showcase what the School Does Best – Identify the things that the school does best and make sure that you highlight these. For example, the school might have fantastic sports facilities, have a high OFSTED rating, or offer lots of additional support for kids with additional needs.

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Provide plenty of Information – Your prospectus is not a place to be too vague. You need to give the information here that parents are looking for – this is your opportunity to showcase why your school is so good!

As well as writing, you can include pictures, testimonials from parents and students, and reports to provide engaging and relevant information to parents.

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Show what the School Offers a Child – What parents will be looking for is what the school can offer their child. This may be certain types of support and help with learning, or it could extra curricular activities and clubs that help them to expand their horizons and explore their interests. As well as the core subjects, pastoral care and clubs are an important part of school life.

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