Hair Loss Causes and Solutions


Hair tends to fall more in season changes. However, if you observe that happens throughout the year, it may be due to nutritional deficiencies in your diet. Hair loss is an issue that concerns both men and women. Hair loss encompasses problems ranging from mild hair loss to baldness.Hair

The term “hair loss shampoo” is still a commercial claim. They have no proven effect on hair loss, brands play with the feelings of people who suffer from this problem.

If nothing has worked you against hair loss, sometimes accept that the hair we like and not worry so much about this fact does improve our condition as we cause or we get worse by the stress of the situation.

Poor or poor diet can lead to losing more than 100 hairs daily.


Hair loss can be due to different reasons; Physical stress, prolonged illness, major surgery, serious infection, hormonal change, side effects of medications, a medical condition such as lupus, syphilis, thyroid disease, a serious nutritional problem, alopecia aerate, traumatic , etc…

Some people even have a rare psychiatric disorder (trichotillomania) in which the hair is torn or compulsively twisted causing baldness patches.

There is also baldness due to hereditary patterns or androgenic alopecia.

The cause of hair loss based on your medical history will be diagnosed, medications taken, nutrition status, hairdressing habits, and a physical examination.

If your doctor suspects a yeast infection on the scalp, he or she will take a sample of hair for a lab test.

If your doctor suspects it could be a disease or thyroid problem, iron deficiency, or hormonal imbalance, blood tests will probably be needed.


In the case of androgenic alopecia, i.e. common baldness, the only treatments with proven efficacy to curb the loss are 5% monoxide (lotion) and finasteride (oral treatment), although the latter is discouraged for women and their use its permanent.

Another option to recover the hair is hair transplant . The technique consists of extracting hair from the back of the head and grafting it in areas where it is scarce. But not all are candidates, as it is necessary to have enough hair in the supply area to cover the scarce area, and hair takes between eight months and a year.

Other aid to hair loss

  • Wash your hair often.
  • In cases of greasy hair,frequent washings are also recommended to reduce sebum from the surface of the scalp.
  • In cases of dandruff and grease,when the hair is washed frequently, it is advisable to switch shampoo treatment with another shampoo for frequent use. With both shampoos, you have to make 2 soaps. To the second, leave the foam for 2 to 3 minutes, without rubbing. The comb should be wide and separated teeth. Metal brushes should be avoided.
  • Adequately protect hair from the sun especially in summer is the season in which more than punish the scalp.
  • Take Biotin,Biotin is found in large amounts in yeast, liver steaks, and eggs ( as long as they are cooked, because if the egg is raw body does not absorb biotin).
  • Taking Iron is found in meat, fish and eggs and food of noun – animal origins, such as lentils and spinach, but in this case is an iron is poorly absorbed. To absorb that iron you have to take lots of vitamin C.

The normal thing is that fall between 40 and 100 hairs a day. If you are on a balanced diet and you have hair falling above these amounts, get a blood test and visit your dermatologist.

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