How to apply face masks

face masks

The face masks to offer multiple benefits to the skin. It is often the remedy necessary to give the face what it needs: to be hydrated exfoliated, cleaned, etc. Yet if we do not know how to apply them, at least not properly, the effect is not the same and the results either. Find out how to apply facial masks here.

First, if you prepare your mask yourself, it is advised that you develop it on the same day. This way, the ingredients will be fresh and your skin will be able to absorb all its benefits.

Before applying a mask, it is necessary to exfoliate the skin of the face. This will remove dead skin cells and impurities so that the result of the mask is the one expected.

face masks

It is recommended to use the appear hot water on your face to open the pores so they are ready to properly absorb all the benefits and nutrients of your mask. Very carefully approach your face to the steam produced by a pan of boiling water, having taken care to cover your head with a cloth so that the entire vapor concentrates on your face. You can also wet a cloth with boiling water and when you tolerate its temperature, place it on your face and let it act until it cools.

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Facial masks should not be applied by hand because they could mix with bacteria, cross the mask and thus come in contact with the face. It is ideal to apply it with a brush with very soft bristles not to damage the complexion. In cosmetics shops, you will find a wide variety. Choose one that is soft, supple and medium-sized.

Apply your mask with the brush by covering the entire face with movements from the bottom up, which will avoid irritating your skin. Cover the whole face. Be careful; do not forget to apply the mask on your neck or cleavage. These areas are also very delicate and require the same care as the face.

face masks

Once the mask has been applied, leave for at least 20 minutes. If you let it take less time, it is likely that your skin does not receive all the benefits of the mask.

To finish, rinse your face with cool water, neither too cold nor too hot. Carefully remove the mask with your hands or with a washcloth. Take care to protect your eyes during this operation so they do not get irritated. Finally, dry your face and apply a moisturizer.

face masks


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