How to shop around the world to save money


Whether on the internet or on a trip, shopping in other countries is a good way to find unique items. Here are some tips that will help you enjoy some of the best deals in the world.


1. Where to find good deals

  1. Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, the price of fashion items is half the price in Canada and the fine jeweler is cheaper.
  • For cheap clothes, try the Stanley Market.
  • More clothing and discount shoes can be found at The Lanes in downtown Hong Kong (on Li Yuen East and West).

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2. New York

In New York, hunt for bargains in the Garment District in Lower Manhattan.

  • Try to open the eye for branded clothing.


3. Athens

Visit Athens in August or February to get the best prices on leather goods.

  • Try Ermou Street, Syntagma Square, Eolou and Agiou Magi streets for clothing deals, as well as Kolonáki Street for designer clothing and accessories.


4. Italy is a great place to find shoes and leather goods at better prices

  • If you are in Florence, try the big shopping malls, which can offer you discounts of up to 60% on major brands.


5. Paris is recognized as the world capital of fashion

  • Go during the January or July sales to find discounts in department stores.

Shop on the other side of the border

Many Canadians living close to the United States travel across the border to fill their wardrobes and take advantage of the great retail prices and discounts offered in the stores, factory.

  • Clothes can be found in more than a dozen points of sale in the northern United States, and prices are often reduced by 70%.
  • Department stores with discounts have a few times almost 60% discount on designer clothes, accessories, and household items.

Pay attention to duties and taxes

When shopping in the US, do not assume that the products you buy have been produced locally.

  • If this is the case, make sure you have the necessary documentation to prove the origin of the items you have purchased if the customs officer were to ask you questions.
  • Rights and taxes
  • Any fees you will pay are usually based on the type and value of the items, converted to Canadian dollars, including foreign taxes.
  • You will also have to pay the Goods and Services Tax (GST) or the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST). In some provinces, you will also have to pay provincial taxes.
  • You may apply for a personal exemption if the products you buy are not intended for resale. The amount will depend on the length of your trip.
  • For more information, visit the Canada Border Services Agency.
  • The hidden costs of internet deals
  • The duties and taxes also apply to the goods you buy on the internet.
  • When calculating the price of items ordered outside of Canada, consider adding postage and packing costs.
  • Whether you are traveling the world or browsing the internet from home, shopping around the world is a good way to find unique items at low prices. Just make sure you know exactly what you’re getting to avoid unpleasant surprises. Good shopping!



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