Late Spring and Early Summer Plants to Look Out For

Late May and Early June are great times to go out and admire the many beautiful wildflowers that are in bloom. This time of the year can often be a little unpredictable weather wise, so as well as the suncream make sure that you are prepared for chilliness with clothing like these womens irish sweaters and also potential downpours with waterproof clothing!

Here are some of the beautiful wildflowers that you might see now…

Bluebells – There are few sights more beautiful than the bluebell covered woodland floor in May. They are a favourite flower of many people and there are many tales of bluebells woven through folklore throughout the centuries, and they are one of the favourite flowers of the fairy folk.

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Honeysuckle – As well as being beautiful, this wild climber smells wonderful as its scent drifts through the hedgerows on a sunny summer evening. Woven into hedgerows, you can spot the distinctive flowers and of course smell them! It is a hugely valuable plant to wildlife too – dormice use the bark of the plant to build their autumn nest and many butterflies and moths enjoy the nectar.

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Musk Mallow – Look in grassland areas and you will see the pink flowers of the musk mallow. You can tell them apart most easily from common mallow by their musky smell – hence the name. The plant flowers for a long time through the summer months, making it an attractive addition to a wildflower garden.

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