The Perfecto, from Schott’s factories to our wardrobe


Nearly a century ago Perfecto made us turn our heads. The famous leather jacket made famous by the Schott brothers is a symbol of rebellion. Reserved for the masculine gender it has democratized over time. The Perfecto changes to price, color, all creators take it to finally become a basic of our dressing room! tells you the Perfecto.

Schott factoryPerfecto

The Schott brand owns the Perfecto trademark. In 1913 in New York, the Schott brothers opened their first manufacturing plant. Fifteen years later, following a request from the Harley-Davidson dealer who wanted a biker jacket resistant in case of fall, Irving Schott then passionate about a motorcycle, creates the first zips leather jacket. The name of Spanish origin comes from Cuban cigars Perfecto that it smoked.

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The perfect cut of the Perfecto jacket   Perfecto

At the time the famous Perfecto had a specific cut off which a crossed zipper offset on the front doubling the thickness of leather to better protect the torso. Pressures allow the collar to be folded down to prevent it beating in the wind. Zippered cuffs to be tightened and avoid air entries and a belt in the same leather as the jacket, which ensures a fit at the waist and attached to the back by a yoke keeping the jacket on the kidneys. Originally, the Perfecto was made only of horse leather, but today most of the production is made in bull and cowhide. It was sold for the modest $ 5.50

Marlon BrandoMarlon Brando

In the 60s, under the influence of actors like Marlon Brando in The Wild One or James Dean, the Perfecto becomes the flagship element of the array thug perfect. But one of the first actors to wear the jacket in public was Clark Gable in 1934. A symbol of the rebel in puritan America of the 1950s, the Perfecto jacket was banned in many American and British schools because it was associated with thugs. In the 1970s, with the explosion of the punk movement, the perfect spread in Europe and all over the world, with bands such as Sex Pistols or Ramones.

The black jackets, these bands of young people who compete with the help of bicycle chains and American fists, rolling in a moped, are the precursors of this rebellious image. It was at this moment that French rock was born, among others, Johnny Hallyday and Eddy Mitchell.

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Perfecto Saint-Laurent Perfecto

The Perfecto enters the universe of fashion and integrates the dressing room of the girls in the 80/90 years. Photographer Peter Lindbergh produces a series of shots for Vogue magazine, featuring star models Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell with the famous leather jacket. In 2005, rocker Pete Doherty and his companion Kate Moss participated in the revival of the Perfecto, worn simply with a white T-shirt and slim jeans, they inspired the brands and became a basic mode of Jean Paul Gaultier To Hedi Slimane.

How to wear the Perfecto today?Perfecto

Today, the Perfecto is democratized, you no longer need to be a gangster or roll in Harley-Davidson to wear it! It is customized by adding nails, chains, badges. We wear it with everything, the Perfecto is a chameleon jacket that adapts to all situations! For a simple and casual style opt for a white shirt, a good old slim and biker boots. In the evening, we were the Perfecto with a bohemian dress to play it boo-rock.

Kate moss Kate-moss

From Marlon Brando to Kate Moss through Olivia Palermo and Jane Birkin, the Perfecto sticks to the skin of all the icons! Today, the Perfecto is on all fronts! From podiums to dressings of stars soon passing (if not already done) by your cupboards, it is the trump fashionistas. Attention to fashion faux pas! Even with a must have some continue to get your feet on the carpet! Avoid the Perfecto too short as Liv Tyler, if the trend is to “crop top” avoids shortening all our clothes. If the biker jacket is declined under several different materials, models, and colors, be careful not to fall into the extreme, certain rules must be respected. Avoid too many patterns that spoil and hide perf ‘for a grandmother tapestry effect guaranteed. If good old Perfecto still not part of your basic, discover our selection of cheap biker jacket.

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