The Training you should receive when working as a Teaching Assistant in a Special Education School

Working as a Teaching Assistant in a Special Education School is a rewarding and sometimes difficult career choice.  To ensure you can carry out your important role to the best of your ability, you should be offered a place at several Emergency First Aid Training Courses.  The best Emergency First Aid Training Courses are run by professional Agencies such as  Your School will hopefully appreciate that if your training is delivered by a fully qualified and experienced, professional, medical trainer you will learn the best strategies and techniques.  Helping a small child with a badly grazed or cut knee is one thing but staying calm and administering an emergency Adrenaline Auto-injector or an Asthma Inhaler is another!

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Learning all about the A, B, C’s at these bespoke training sessions isn’t about the alphabet, it’s Airway, Breathing and Circulation, the three vital steps to check if a person is conscious or not and breathing on their own. Your School will also appreciate that not only will you learn all about these vital medical procedures but you will be able to go back to the school and show the other staff members any new skills.

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You will also be taught coping strategies for dealing with an emergency, medical situation and the importance of recording everything thoroughly once the patient has been stabilised. As a Teaching Assistant be open to other professionals teaching you, because in the field of Emergency Medical Training they are the elite.

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