When to wear a jumper.

As  the winter months are here it’s time to start thinking about dusting off those jumpers and cardigans ready for the cold weather.  But when is the best time to put your jumper on.  Jumpers are like every other factor of winter clothing wear,  are you basically need to layer.  Is easily the most important part of winter clothing.  The jumper is the outer layer for this usually worn under the coat and over a thin shirt or t-shirt. There are plenty of jumpers to choose from at the Tommy Bowe Menswear section on the EJ Menswear website.

The most wonderful and versatile element of a jumper is that it can be worn pretty much anywhere.  This is dependent on the style of the jumper though when should not wear the jaunty Christmas jumper to a formal occasion.  What sets the jumper apart from others is that it can be used in a variety of ways and for a variety of events.  It is not just about keeping you warm in the winter.

For example it is perfectly reasonable to wear a stylish formal jumper to a wedding event as long as you have the tie and shirt ensemble to go with it.  It can make for an interesting alternative to that of a suit and you will also be able to keep the chill out during the ceremony and festivities.  it is not advisable to go for a pattern if you are attending such events. It is much better to go for a sobering colour such as dark blue or a nice light grey.  alternatively you could mix it up a bit with a nice deep Purple.

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