The novels take to be an inspiration for the film from shortly after birth. Fads come and go, but literature persists as the source of all kinds of films, from authentic masterpieces to teasing. This is due in part to readers, it is normal that the producers turn their attention to books that have swept […]

Today is the day of ‘Logan’ but fans of superhero movies enjoyed yesterday with the trailer for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’, which promises to be as fun as the first. A adaptations of these comics we ask you to be spectacular but also make us laugh and entertain us; after all, are layered […]

Web design as the rest of the areas of Internet is constantly evolving and changing aesthetic tastes make a thoughtful web a few years ago may now already be obsolete. So it’s time to talk about trends in web design for 2016, which is sure to interest those who will renew your site soon.

Net worth is one of the three great assets and liabilities of a company, together with the assets and liabilities. It is defined as the residual interest in the assets after deducting all liabilities. In other words, they are the own resources of a company to finance its assets, also known as non-current liabilities, since […]

Our personal commitment for being right sometimes leads to conversations end up in discussions meaningless and nonsensical. These communication problems occur both in our personal environment and a professional level, egos blind the negotiations to the point of causing the disaster. However, there are ways to halt and reverse these uncontrolled situations.

The website is your storefront. The place where the public network peers. Times have changed and we must not only think of a place where it is easy to navigate on a site adapted to different media from where the user connects. Tablet, mobile phone, laptop …, experience has to be simple and convenient, especially […]

We have already seen several times a white electric van, the Atieva Edna, who was able to merge a few supercars racing pure acceleration, but it turns out that these people are doing more than measured against other production cars in a straight. In Atieva they are finalizing preparations for the launch of a rival […]

Who has not dreamed of having a sports car? It is common for those who are part of this team, let go our mind to imagine a Porsche 911, BMW M2, Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster or Caterham in the garage. Unfortunately, in most cases I know, those dreams never comes true and leave it at that, […]