Pregnancy danger signs: when should you worry about it?

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The usual thing is that the pregnancy passes without complications, but as a natural process, there are also certain risk situations that we must know in order to go to the doctor and control them. But what are the warning signs in pregnancy? When should I worry and go to the hospital?

It is difficult to determine a priori when to call the hospital, the gynecologist or go directly to the health center without losing a minute. Probably your general state tells you how to act, but we can say that there are certain warning signs that cannot wait. Keep reading: Herbal Remedies for Great Hair

If during pregnancy you observe or notice some of the symptoms described below, you should immediately inform the health personnel who are monitoring the pregnancy, if possible in the same hospital. These situations could be dangerous for both the mother and the baby.

Pregnancy danger signs

Pregnancy danger signs

Fever of 38 degrees Celsius or more. High fever for several days can harm the fetus. It is recommended to try to reduce the fever with home remedies (warm clothes in front, fresh drinks, little clothes …) and go to the hospital to find the cause and if necessary to treat the infection.

  • At the beginning of pregnancy, a pain in one side of the belly, which could be triggered by an ectopic pregnancy.
  • Pain, discomfort or blood when urinating, which could indicate a urine infection.
  • Expectorate blood when coughing.
  • Continuous vomiting that does not subside. It can be hyperemesis during pregnancy that has to be controlled or other risk diseases.
  • Frequent diarrhea that lasts for more than a day, especially if it contains blood or mucus.
  • In case of accident or major blow, do not hesitate to go to the hospital for a general review and assess the status of the fetus.
  • In case of sudden swelling of ankles, face or hands … since it could be preeclampsia.
  • Pregnant in the Emergency Room
  • Disorders of vision such as having blurred vision, seeing flashes, spots…
  • Strong headaches, usually accompanied by previous vision disorders.
  • Intense abdominal pain, similar to a very strong, long contraction that does not subside. Cramps in the belly area.
  • If the hemorrhage is accompanied by pain or dizziness, the worry is greater and obviously, you also have to go to the hospital.


Pregnancy danger signs

Bleeding vaginally in an abundant amount, similar to a rule. Heavy bleeding at the end of pregnancy poses a risk of significant miscarriage and we must not allow time to be controlled and the cause of blood loss to be determined. On the other hand, if the bleeding is small (what is known as “spotting”), it usually entails fewer risks. It happens often after an internal gynecological examination, such as a transvaginal ultrasound, or after having sex. They are small red or brown stains that do not usually last more than a day and although we can be calmer we must not stop talking to the doctor at the next visit or go to the gynecologist if it is repeated, because there could be the infection…

Thirsty and dry mouth

Pregnancy danger signs

The sudden increase in thirst, together with a sudden and sharp decrease in the amount of urine. Painful or burning urination, along with tremors and fever or back pain. From the fifth month, if the baby does not move for a long time, that is, if you notice a decrease in fetal activity very evident. Remember that to notice well the movements of the baby we must be at rest and pending because in daily activity it is possible that it has moved but we do not realize.

Also at the end of pregnancy, if the bag breaks and the liquid is greenish or yellowish it is necessary to go immediately to the hospital, or if it bleeds. If not (clear or clear color of the amniotic fluid), the break will not be so urgent but the delivery is approaching.

Although it is likely that fright and haste make us forget, try to take to the hospital the “Document of Health of the Pregnant Woman”, that is, the “Maternal Card”. It will be very useful in the hospital because it contains all the information about the pregnancy and other necessary clinical data in case of needing health care at any moment of the pregnancy.

These are the pregnancy danger signs that can happen during pregnancy and before which we must seek rapid medical assistance, without letting the symptoms pass, to avoid complications or damages. Most of these signs do not have to necessarily indicate serious problems for your health or the baby’s, but in case of doubt and risk, it is better to go to the hospital quickly. You might also read:


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