4 steps to creating your content marketing strategy

As content marketing strategies don’t have to be complex, completing the following four steps will leave you with a basic strategy which you can build upon and develop over time, tweaking elements to ensure you end up with something that works for the unique needs and requirements of your business.

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Identify your audience

Arguably the most complicated element of building a successful content marketing strategy is also the most important. Creating buyer personas for your current customers is an excellent first step to take, however, if your business is brand new and without an established customer base, undertaking some important market research should be your first step.

Look at case studies from competitors, forums, online networking sites and industry reports, conduct interviews, and utilise key tools such as Facebook Audience Insights. Fundamentally, you need to understand what precisely prompts people to purchase from businesses like yours and the results they expect to see from their investment.

Understand where your audience spends time online

This important component should become clear through your comprehensive audience research and, without overwhelming yourself by trying to appear in too many places, you need to build a presence in places where your audience will see you. You may find working with a professional London SEO agency, such as the one that can be seen here https://www.elevateuk.com/seo-services/, helpful for this step, as they will have the skillset and experience to help you to accurately identify where to focus your efforts.

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Tailor your content

There’s little point investing time and resources into creating content your audience simply isn’t interested in. Taking prompts from the information you have discovered about your audience, learning how to tailor your content is imperative. If, for example, your audience like to spend their time on Facebook, short videos and listicles may appeal to them or, if they’re on LinkedIn, in-depth articles and professional whitepapers may be received particularly well.

Consider the purpose of your content

Ensuring your audience and potential customers have access to the information they need to know before making a purchase is essential. Working to establish your business as an authority in your niche should be a priority, alongside succinctly answering frequently asked questions which will help to drive traffic to your website and build relationships with your audience, ensuring they trust your business will effectively meet their needs.

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